Disney Vacation – Day 5: Islands of Adventure

I did not want to get up today. I miss sleeping in so bad….I am going to sleep in  SO HARD that Saturday when I come home…

Connie woke up to have breakfast, I slept in for an extra ten minutes. I had to rush to get ready because I slept in a little bit, but we made it. We got our bus ticket and waited out in the front, but Connie had to go to the bathroom at the last minute and we missed our bus. BLAH! So we had to get the next bus, which was 40 minutes later.

Finally, on the bus, we were headed to Universal. Took several selfies on the bus and were there. After all, Universal is right across the street from us. So far, it was a nice day, weather wise. It wasn’t too hot and not too cold, and it didn’t look like rain….so far.

We headed in and took pictures of the market, nothing special, and immediately headed in. We went the same way we went last time we were here, through Seuss’ Landing. The first time we came here we didn’t spend that much time in this part of the park since we were focused on Harry Potter. But this time we stopped and took our time. We even rode the Cat in the Hat ride, and another ride. Yay for no lines! Inside the stores, we found the CUTEST Cat in the Hat chibi plushies, even Thing 1 and Thing 2. They were adorable, we wanted them!!!! But we decided to wait for a while since it was still early in the day.

IMG_2642After we left the shop, we went to go find the characters so we could get their pictures and autographs. We were lucky enough to find them and there was virtually no line. There was the Grinch, Sam I Am, the Lorax, the Cat in the Hat and Thing 1 and Thing 2. Everyone was adorable and so cute! Especially Thing 1 and 2, and the Cat in the Hat. The Things were just the best ❤ they gave us hugs and kisses, and they were playing with our pens, it was cute.

There was a lot of walking, through the Lost Continent and through another market place. While we were walking around there were these guys advertising for a Magic Show. So we went in. It was surprisingly really good, and we were suckered into buying stuff. Again, not until later, we would come back for it.

We arrived in Hogsmeade and decided it was time to eat lunch, even though neither of us were hungry yet. So instead, Connie surprising agreed to go on the Dragon Challenge with me since the wait time was 5 minutes. Only during low season can you have wait times of 5 minutes. It was surprisingly AMAZING even though it didn’t look entirely scary. Connie may one day get over her fear of roller-coasters, but for now, baby steps.

We headed into the Three Broomsticks for our favourite lunch – chicken breast, roasted potatoes and corn. It was a delicious lunch, and while we were inside we took a photo sphere. We have become obsessed with photo spheres…they’re just so amazing. We didn’t have a ton to do in Hogsmeade so we headed out to see the rest of the park. But not before stopping to get a photo sphere of Hogsmeade. Now, onto Jurassic Park!

There, we went into the Dinosaur Discovery Centre. We both made our own Dinosaurs, and helped hatch a baby raptor…who would eventually eat us one day. Then we kept walking, seeing the rides that get people soaking wet. No thanks. In Toon Land, we found the unicorn from Despicable Me. I still want it but maybe not as badly, so instead we took photos with it.

There wasn’t much to do in Toon World other than look around and take photos. We were trying to find Popeye and the others since the map said they would be there. Since we couldn’t find them we decided to continue forward and enter the Marvel area – the last area of the park. IMG_2759

It was so nostalgic being back there since it was one of our favourite places. We saw some of the cutest chibi Marvel plushies ever, but I wanted the Cat in the Hat ones more. It was still raining at this point and the characters weren’t outside, so we headed into the Spiderman Ride. According to the website they had updated the graphics; it was TRUE. It’s so much better now! There was virtually no wait time, which was amazing. But the crappy part was Connie broke the ride. Cause she always breaks the Spiderman ride. We were stuck for about two minutes, but the good thing was we got to ride it again. It was really fun! We saw Stan lee, A LOT.

When we got out of the Spiderman store, we walked around to take more pictures. Since the Marvel characters weren’t around we decided to see if the Toons were still around. We were lucky enough to see Betty Boop, but that was all. There was a lot of back and forth walking between these two parts of the park because they were right beside each other. We were lucky enough that when we were in line to see Spiderman, they announced that the Marvel characters would be out shortly. Yay!

We were so excited because they got costume updates from the old X-Men cartoon days. They were all so freaking nice it was scary, especially Cyclops and Captain America ❤ Sigh, I wish I could date one of them, but Cyclops is in love with JEAN….*sigh* Oh well…no one can say I didn’t try.

Going back to Toon Land we decided to try one last time to see Popeye and whoever else was there. This employee told us that he would be coming out, but he didn’t. So we fooled around in the store a bit more and took pictures with the plushies before giving up and heading out. We walked all the way back to the market in front of Hogsmeade and went to the Magic Store to buy magic stuff from the show. It was a lot of money, but I think it will be worth…  Then we walked back to Seuss’ Landing to grab the Cat in the Hat plushies. Connie’s a lot better with money than I am…she resisted, though we might be back for them later 😛 I grabbed the Cat, and Thing 1, she’ll grab the Cat or Thing 2 when we go back.

Cutting across the front to get a photo sphere of Marvel, Connie went to take the picture while I went on a ride. I was originally going to go on Storm’s ride, but instead I decided to go on the Hulk. They were both 5 minute wait times so why not go on the Hulk. Of course I went by myself, but I didn’t mind. There was like zero line. The 5 minutes is how long it takes you to walk up there. It was such an amazing ride, I love it!

Now, we were done. But before leaving we went to the theatre to ask about Rocky Horror Live Tickets. We’ve never seen the show so we really want to see it. It’s at midnight and we want to get a good seat, so we have to line up around eleven something. Oh well, it’ll be worth.

This is the earliest we’ve been back and it sucks that I can’t go swimming. Stupid mother nature.

Oh well, tomorrow we’re going to MAGIC KINGDOM! Oh man, I’m so nervous, but so excited at the same time.
Dinner at Cinderella’s…well, Dinner at 3:50pm 😛


Three Broomsticks Lunch $17.02
Theatre Magic Kits $47.01
Cat in the Hat and Thing 1 Doll $36.11
Breakfast Food, Milk and a Coke $10.50

TOTAL $110.64


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