Disney Vacation – Day 4: Animal Kingdom

There was this weird sound that woke us up this morning….this rhythmic beating, either in the room beside us, or somewhere, but it was totally weird. Before that I heard an alarm, and when I went to check my phone it was around four, we were supposed to be up closer to nine, so I went back to bed. Finally my alarm went off at 8:50. When I asked Connie about her alarm she said her alarm went off around eight something. I must have been super tired or seriously tripping, because I swear my phone said it was four something.

Anyway, it was time to get up, change, and get ready to go to the Animal Kingdom.
We got on our morning bus to Epcot, and then transferred over to Animal Kingdom. On the bus ride to Epcot there were no seats left, so I ended up sitting on the stairs. It was still fine. When we got to Animal Kingdom it was hot. Since we’ve been in Florida for a while I think I can tell what the weather is going to be like. If it’s super, super, super hot, it’s going to rain. How much rain I have no idea. But we’ll get back to the rain in a bit.

We took a few photos outside, entered and started taking pictures of the animals around in the front. That didn’t last very long since we had stuff we wanted to do. Once we got to the Discovery Island, we headed to a FastPass Kiosk to add some fast pass rides. The first thing we did was go to the Festival of the Lion King. They definitely renovated the place which was nice, and a lot of it is still under construction. IMG_2530

The Festival of the Lion King was the same as last time, although the performing area seemed smaller they were still able to fit all those people, which I think is impressive.
The minute the show ended it started POURING rain. It was time for the umbrella and the ponchos. It didn’t look like this rain was going to stop for a while which sucked, cause it was still really early in the day.

Since we had nothing immediate to do, we decided to grab some lunch. The only thing on the menu was the infamous Turkey Leg, we’ve been hearing so much about. So we found a restaurant that sold them and ordered. Of course it was still raining but at least it was slowly lightening up. We were lucky enough to find seating in shade in stead of getting wet and sitting in the rain. I had the Turkey Leg and Connie had a Turkey Sandwich.

By the time we finished lunch it had stopped raining. We immediately hopped into the Russell and Dug (from UP) line, because they’re so cute and we love them. Dug was adorable! He kept licking me, and kissing me, and he was just so cute!!! ❤ He’s so much better than my devil boys.

After we got our pictures with them, we started to wander around on the way to Finding Nemo the Musical. Luckily, we had fast-passed this. We sat in the Bubble Section and watched excitedly. It was cute and super sad, just like the movie, I almost felt myself tearing up. I love Finding Nemo, but it’s just SO SAD!

Wouldn’t you know, after we got out of Finding Nemo, it started to mother-effing rain again? Like seriously? And this time it didn’t seem like the rain was going to stop any time soon. Since there wasn’t much to do we decided to try to get as many autographs as we could. Luckily, we were able to find Pocahontas, even though it was raining. We asked her to make it stop raining, cause back home it didn’t rain…not like it does in Florida.

Then, we decided to go visit one of our favourite Disney characters who was very far away, Rafiki from the Lion King. He was so far away you had to take a train to go see him. So we did, we took a train, in the rain, just to see Rafiki; we were that dedicated. After a bit of a walk up to the Conservatory we found him. Surprisingly, his line wasn’t insanely long, maybe because a lot of people had already left the park because of the rain. Connie and I did a little rainforest audio tour which was actually kind of scary, and then got into his line. We sang one of Rafiki’s songs which he danced to. He was awesome! Love him!

Right beside him was Chip and Dale. At first we couldn’t remember which one was Chip and which one was Dale, so the lady told some kids that a way to remember is that Chip has a chocolate chip nose. Wow, that makes sense. We sang the Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers song to them and they loved it. They were silly and gave us kisses and hugs ❤ LOVE THEM!  Dale even gave me a kiss on the hand ❤

Once we took the train back to the main land – Harambe, we went to go find Minnie and Mickey. They were in the Outpost which had virtually no line. Again, that’s cause it was raining and most people had gone home. They were obviously so adorable. If we get characters more than once that’s fine, especially because we’re not coming back for a long time… While we were in line, my umbrella broke. Seriously, I go through as many umbrellas as I do headphones. It was just in my hand and the spring popped open. I was sad cause that was a loyal umbrella, I don’t know my things just don’t seem to last. So we went back to a shop and bought me a new umbrella cause I needed it with my poncho.

With some time left on the clock before we had to head back to Epcot to be picked up, we decided to go on the Dinosaur ride. For some reason it was scarier than I thought it would be. Just cause it was so dark, and I had no idea which direction the T-Rex was coming from, or how close it was going to get, so I was pretty scared.IMG_2590

After, we began our long trek back to the main gate, where we went to find our shuttle bus so it would take us home. Once again, we didn’t get a spot to sit on, on the bench, so I sat on the stair case while Connie stood. It was a long bus ride, but we finally made it… Through all this freaking rain, it was terrible. Even after we got on the stupid bus, we still had to wait an hour at Epcot before we came back to the hotel; that too was a long ride.

Connie went to get diner while I ate leftovers. I’m trying to save money to justify buying the Hufflepuff robe, even if it’s $110 dollars plus tax… that inflation though. It used to be $99.95, back in 2011. Now in 2014, it’s $109.95. This is just awful! But I need the robe to complete my uniform….ugh it’s awful! Well, need that an a good white dress shirt that doesn’t suck. Anyway, point is I still have a lot of souvenirs to buy and I still want that robe. Man, money is just going to be so freaking awful!!! I have no idea how I’m going to get this all home considering I don’t have a carry on, which makes me feel retarted.

Anyway, we were an hour early, so we waited in the designated area for waiting for your bus instead of waiting out in the cold and rain.

For dinner, Connie had steak and I had leftovers. Hmm, yum. Hopefully I can save enough money to justify buying that robe 😉


Turkey Leg Lunch $21.06

TOTAL  $21.06


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