Disney Vacation – Day 3: Harry Potter World (Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade)

First thing we did in the morning when we woke up, much later than the other days, was we called our travel agent, Helen. Although we booked the hotel with Expedia, we still wanted her opinion on how to proceed with this shitty situation we have to deal with, aka terrible shuttle times for the Disney Parks. Since we didn’t book the hotel with her there was nothing she could do, but she was very helpful and told us some things we could say when we called the Expedia rep. By the time I got off the phone we were running a tiny bit late, but not really.

Then Connie got our bus voucher’s from the Guest Services counter and off we went on the bus when it pulled up. Surprisingly, it was the same bus service we got three years ago from the Doubletree.

When we got there it was pretty hot. Like hotter than yesterday. Like really, really hot. More like really humid. Like we had just gotten there, and there was a lot of water coming out of my body. When we got to Universal, we had to wait in line forever to get our tickets. It was so hot. Like ridiculous hot, and the line wasn’t even moving.

We decided to spend the WHOLE day in Harry Potter World, which is what I call it, because I am lazy. First we went to Universal Studios to see the new park. When we got to King’s Cross that’s when we started to fangirl. It was so cool, and so accurate. Then we saw the Knight Bus. That was super cool. They have an attendant outside the bus, and he talks to you. There’s also a tiny head that talks to you. Why are all the cute white guys here? It’s not fair. All the cute white guys back home are dating FOBS, so eff that.IMG_2138

So after we saw the Knight Bus we went to visit Sirius at home, and we knocked on the door, but he didn’t answer. However, Kreature was being a creeper, and was peaking out the window to see who was there. Then we felt stupid, cause we had no idea how to get into Diagon Alley. You had to go into the tube, or right beside the tube, honestly I just wasn’t thinking, I was too excited to really figure out where these people were coming from. Honestly, I thought it was an unmarked bathroom. That’s how dumb I am.

So when we saw the brick wall, that’s when we super started fangirling, like super hard, like we couldn’t understand life anymore. It was amazing, it was like being there; it was MAGICAL.

From the minute we got there all we did was go into all the stores to take pictures. We were nerding out so hard. Towards the back, there was this kid trying to turn on the water fountain with his wand. And me, being the idiot I am, after taking pictures of the Mermaid water fountain, I saw water on the floor and a grate. And I thought to myself, “Why is there a grate here?” and then out of no where the stupid mermaid on the water fountain spit on me and Connie. Luckily, we weren’t standing directly on it. I feel sorry for someone who was standing directly on top while it was spitting cause it was a lot of water.

There was a puppet play telling the story of the Beadle and the Bard, but we missed pretty much all of it, but the dolls were pretty. Then we went into the Money Exchange, which I will still call a bank. Because you can still get money from it. Inside, you can change muggle money into Gringotts Bank notes and use them in the parks to buy stuff. It’s pretty cool. Plus the goblin talks to you.

There were so many things to look at, like back to school supplies, obviously, then there was the pet store – I wanted to take home, the Phoenix, a Norbert and Connie wanted an Owl. By exploring, Connie got us lost, and we went into Knockturn Alley. It was really dark, and super super air-conditioned. There were singing heads, which was weird. Apparently, Connie just told me you can get the heads to change the song they sing. That’s cool. The best part of Knockturn Alley was Borgin and Burkes, my favourite store, other than all the clothing stores. Inside, you could buy Tom Riddle’s diary, except it was like $42-45, I can’t remember, but I wanted it. It was so pretty.

Finally, we found our way out of the dark place, and wandered into Ollivander’s. There were so many wands, and I kept thinking, “There are way too many boxes in here.” Some lucky little boy got a new wand with phoenix tail feather in it, so jealous. Ollivander’s was such a big shop, they had so many wands, including the new interactive wands, which you can wave at stuff in Diagon Alley and stuff happens, it’s pretty cool. They also sell the official wands of the characters, and I was telling Connie if I had lots of money, I would collect them as if they were trading cards.

Onto my next favourite store, the clothing store. I wanted everything from here. I still need my own effing Hufflepuff robe, which is $109.95. From what I remember, it was $99.95. Stupid inflation… Aside from the robes there were school uniforms and we wanted them. But even those were super expensive. But to be fair, the sweaters were made in Scotland….so I guess that’s okay.

But before we bought anything, we had to go on the Gringott’s ride. I kept telling Connie that it was an indoor roller-coster. She didn’t believe me. The ride wait time was 45 minutes, but I said no way, let’s go into the single rider’s line, it’s faster. We ended up waiting 30 minutes, which isn’t bad. I’m sure other people waited longer. It was seriously such a good ride; why is all the good technology here?

After the ride, we went to the Leaky Cauldron to get lunch. I got Fish and Chips and Connie got the Beef, Lamb and Guinness stew. While we were eating, it started to rain. I thought it would last 20 minutes, cause the sky wasn’t even dark, but I was wrong, it lasted forever. I felt so bad for people who were outside, but then was secretly laughing, because they weren’t prepared. I had a poncho and an umbrella. Connie forgot her umbrella so I gave her mine and I wore the poncho.

Now it was time to get poor.

First, we stopped off at the bank to pick up some Bank Notes. The attendant was so nice and cute; it’s seriously not fair.  IMG_2330

The first thing I bought was a wand. It was hard to pick which one, but I ended up settling on a Hawthorn one. Jax will understand why. After that we went to buy our school uniforms. I bought a sweater, the scarf and the Hufflepuff Patch, while Connie bought just the sweater; she has better restraint than I do. Next was candy from the Weasley’s store, and then we went out to a shop to buy a Diagon Alley Souvenir Tee. I also bought my friend Kyle a Slytherin Pin, because I didn’t know what to get him, and I bought a Head Girl pin. Seriously though, so much money was spent it wasn’t even funny, it was painful.

After all our shopping we decided to ride the train to Hogsmeade. King’s Cross was so cool! It looked so real. By the time we got up to the Platform we were really fangirling now. It was real, the place from our childhood. It was such a fun ride, I wish all trains looked like that, I think it would make traveling a little easier, plus you get to meet more people? Unless it’s totally awkward….cause people are weird.

When we got to Hogsmeade it was super empty, which was weird considering the last time we went it was super full. The Hogwarts ride was completely empty, it took us so long to walk there its not even funny. My camera also died while I was in there, so I didn’t get to take any more pictures.

I felt that it wasn’t as great as the first time we rode it, but it was still super fun!! Since we had nothing else to do we headed back to King’s Cross. Right after we went to talk to the attendant at the Knight Bus. He was so cute, and so English, and we took a selfie for the instagram feed.

My feet started to hurt so it was time to go home. The walk was really long because I was super tired and my arms hurt from carrying the bags all day. Luckily, our hotel is first or second rather, so we got home right away. I had so much to do and only now at 12:39 AM did I finish it.We still have two more days at Universal, maybe three; we found out there’s Rocky Horror Live at Universal so we’re planning to see it. That’s so exciting!

Also, when we got back, Connie called Expedia and we were on the phone for an hour and they couldn’t do anything about it. All Expedia could do was give us a $100 dollar voucher for hotel or package and it’s only for a year. That’s so stupid…. We have to spend extra money on all these taxis….and the internet keeps going in and out. Sucks because this is our last time and our hotel is terrible.

Tomorrow, we’re going to Animal Kingdom and we still can’t come home early to rest, god I’m so mad…. Oh well, better try to get some sleep now.


Lunch at the Leaky Cauldron $20.22
Ollivander’s Wand $47.88
Madam Malkins Uniform $136.17
Weasleys Quality Quidditch $18
Carkitt Market $46.71
Gringotts Money Exchange $10

TOTAL $278.98


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