Disney Vacation – Day 1: Downtown Disney

First officially day into our vacation and it just started off weird…
See our hotel, the Holiday Inn, is gay, according to Connie, and I agree. That’s because the shuttle bus times suck.
Essentially, we had to catch the 9:50AM shuttle bus to Epcot, then from there take a bus to Magic Kingdom, then from there take a bus to a Disney Resort, then from a Disney Resort take another bus to Downtown Disney. WTF…That’s WAY too much work. 

So, at the last minute we decided to eff it, and take a taxi. It would cost us more money but there was just no way we were getting on that shuttle bus. So we stayed in the hotel a little longer and just lounged around before getting ready. Man, we were tired… We hardly slept too. This hotel does not have good temperature. It’s either too warm or too cold and hard to breathe…

After we changed and got ready we headed downstairs to buy water, cause we were not drinking tap water, and then we got a taxi. We happily found out that a taxi trip to Downtown Disney was 42$ one way, but $70 for roundtrip. THAT’S AMAZING! So we got that and headed off. Our Taxi driver, Michele, was SUPER NICE! She totally turned into the part of Downtown Disney that was “Road Closed” cause of construction just to drop us off. Luckily, we didn’t get in trouble.

When we got to Downtown Disney it was all rainy…but it wasn’t terrible. At least it wasn’t sweltering hot.
The first thing you see when you walk in, at least from where we started at the bottom, is the Cirque du Soleil tent and Disney Quest. Disney Quest is essentially Disney Playdium, except you pay a flat fee and 99.95% of everything inside is FREE! except for a few things, but all minor. We were going to spend a lot of time in there so we decided to venture the rest of the area first.

There were a lot of cool shops on the strip. On the way we found the AMC, which we thought was a Dine-In theatre, but I’ll come back to that later. Literally all the movies sucked, except for “Guardians of the Galaxy” which luckily, neither of us has seen yet. My favourite stores were obviously the Disney themed ones. The first one was “Candy Cauldron” where their speciality is making candy apples. OMG THESE WERE SOME BEAUTIFUL CANDY APPLES! They were $9.99 and I wanted one so bad, but knew I’d never finish it…even if me and Connie split it. Aside from candy apples there were a bunch of Disney themed candies in there too.

A few shops over was what I want to call the Vinyl shop. Most things in that shop were Disney vinyls. With the exception of Marvel stuff on the right, and Disney Hipster stuff on the left. I really want to buy mugs and Disney hipster stuff, but I don’t know if I can….or how I’m going to bring it back, I don’t want to break any cups. Plus. my suitcase is already 46lbs when I came here, and I don’t want to buy another carry-on; my parents are going to eat me alive.

We ended up walking most of Downtown Disney, just taking a bunch of photos. A lot of the area was closed off for constructions because they’re building EVEN MORE STORES! There was Disney Lego Maleficent, and Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, and a massive World of Disney store. Like this place was super-massive. One of my favourite things inside were the Tsum Tsums. They’re these super cute plushies that came from Disney Japan. URGH I’M BRINGING ONE HOME WITH ME! 

There were lots of toys, then Pin Traders, the Christmas store, and then the art store. Once we finished the top end of the strip we headed back down to make our way to Disney Quest. On the way back we decided to go into the Harley Davidson store and take pictures on the motorcycles. It was fun.
Then we finally got to Disney Quest.
Oh man…that was some impressive arcade…thing.
Five Floors of interactive rides or arcade games, it was crazy!

Honestly, my favourite thing I think was the fact that Fix It Felix Jr is a real game. Maybe I’m dumb and this game was around before the movie, or they just made the arcade console for the movie. In any case, it was the most fun! Even though I sucked at it. IMG_1664

We started on the first floor and worked out way up. First was the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, where you have to sink ships by firing your cannon. I swear these games are harder than they look, they give you such a workout, my arm was hurting… After that we went on this virtual, canoe…thing, that apparently we sucked hard at cause we couldn’t steer the canoe… I don’t know… I can canoe but it just wasn’t working. There wasn’t much on the first floor so we moved onto the second floor, to the Magic Carpet Ride. This was some really cool Occulus Rift technology, where you put these glasses on and you drive the Magic Carpet. Like it was amazing!!!!!

Then we got to be creative. We wrote an AWESOME Disney song :P, created a twisted Sid toy, and built a roller coaster. Connie doesn’t like roller-coasters so it ended up being really tame and pretty boring. We were both pretty disappointed, so we needed to come back and build one more intense. After that we wandered around to look at the arcade games, played a few but not many. Connie isn’t big on gaming which is fine; I played the games I really wanted to play.

Sucked at human pinball, played weird DDR, omg they had the Tron Games! I was really insanely happy…You don’t have any idea, they were so fun to play. We ended up finishing the place early which meant we had extra time before the movie. So we went back to build another roller coaster. OH MY GOD! This one was amazing! So much better! We went upside down five times and it felt amazing. It was almost like a real roller-coaster but slower. We loved our roller-coaster so much we ended up buying the souvenir DVD.

Since we didn’t have anything better to do and I was bloody starving because I hadn’t eating anything all day, and it was almost five at this point, we decided to head to the theatre early. When we got there we realized that our tickets to Guardian of the Galaxy was a regular ticket, not Dine-In. We were luckily able to switch it for a Dine-In ticket, but the movies for Dine-In were so shitty, there was just no point. So for our first and only real meal of the day, we ended up buying waffle fries, chicken tenders, and soft drinks. These WAFFLE FRIES were amazing! We both had so many leftover we’re going to take them back to the hotel.

It’s so sad how tired we were but we hardly got any sleep…

IMG_1713After we finished dinner we were going to get nachos and popcorn, but were just way too full, so we just got a medium popcorn. When I went to the butter station, I noticed the butter was thicker than the regular butter I get back home. I looked at Connie and said, “Oh my god, it’s real fake butter.” Seriously, our butter back home is so thin and doesn’t taste as good as this “real-fake butter”. I was surprised to find the theatre so packed, considering Guardians of the Galaxy has been out for a REALLY LONG TIME. It was a good movie, obviously I think Groot is the best. Well my preference, is Groot, Rocket, Drax, Star Lord, Gamora. Nebula, played by Amy Gillan was really good too. She actually shaved her head for the roll; that’s dedication!

By the time we got out of the theatre we were exhausted. We just wanted to go to bed but we had things to do when we got back to the hotel. So Connie called Michele (Taxi) back and told her to come pick us up. We walked back to where she dropped us off, but found that they closed the road, so she couldn’t get in. After another phone call we ended up speed-walking really hard to the exit by Planet Hollywood hoping to find her. She was parked on the side, and I wasn’t sure if it was her, luckily it was, and luckily she didn’t get in trouble for ‘standing’ there while we were coming to find her.

Before we went back to the hotel, she dropped us off at Walgreens, where we bought water and Connie bought breakfast. Just before we left I saw this hat that I’ve deemed, “the hat that looks good on everyone” maybe it looked shitty on me cause I was tired but I’m still contemplating on buying it. It’s like a fedora, but sexy!

Finally making it back we just wanted to relax…but like I said we still had stuff to do. We had to shower, upload photos and write here, in our journal.
Connie showered, I uploaded, and named photos, then started writing. It is now 1:45 AM and I need to go to sleep because we need to wake up at 9 AM to get ready to do it all over again! I can’t believe we still have 9 days of this shenanigans.


Water from the Convenience Store $4.49
Split Taxi Round Trip $35
Disney Quest $47.93
AMC Movie Ticket $11.75
Split Roller-Coaster DVD $6.39
Dinner at AMC $13.75
Water from Walgreens $1.50

TOTAL  $120.81



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