Disney Vacation – Day 0.5

Work was uneventful for the most part, although I was happy I was sitting at reception. During my AM break I ran over to BestBuy to buy a new laptop sleeve because my Juicy laptop sleeve was massive and making my bag heavy. Luckily, they had one sleeve left which was the perfect size! Yay me! After I ran back to the Atrium, I grabbed Philly Sushi Rolls and Salmon Sashimi from Spring Sushi. They were alright, not as shitty as I thought they’d be.

The best surprise of the day was that Kyle N. came to visit me at work. We talked for like 3 hours. Yeah, I hope I wasn’t going to get in trouble, but nothing was going on and I was going on Vacation anyway!!! After that the day went by pretty slow. At least I was able to go on Facebook on my Mac.

Dad and Connie picked me up from Finch and we were on the way to the airport. He bought us street meat. No fries though L

We got to the airport and said bye before heading in. Connie had checked us in earlier so all we needed was our bag tags. It was weird that NO ONE was at the airport. At airport security they ask me way more questions now because I go to the states a lot.

In the terminal we ended up sitting and reading. Well Connie did, I ended up doing some online stuff, fixing my blog and going on Facebook for a bit. There was the cutest Italian Greyhound, it was so tiny and so well-behaved – just felt I had to point that out.

Got on the plane, ended up sitting in the back. Did not like the people I was sitting with but whatever. The Captain of our plane was the ex-husband of our head flight attendant – awkward. He’s also deadly terrified of riding horses….at Walmart. They were funny and the best crew I’ve had so far. There was TERRIBLE TURBULANCE though, the worst I’ve ever felt in my life. I was actually scared. Then I got A LOT of writing done while we were in the air. Thing was it was all one chapter; I’m really going to have to break that up or start another chapter soon.

When we got off the plane we were cranky, it was past midnight and we needed to stretch and get food. The airport was weird because it was so empty and it’s never empty. We then grabbed our bags and went to Mears shuttle kiosk. Luckily, by the time we went outside our bus was just about to leave so we made good timing.

We got to our hotel and were slightly displeased, but that was the outside, maybe the inside was better. Oh, did I mention, IT WAS RAINING, just like I said. We grabbed a bunch of pamphlets and figured out the shuttle times. Turns out THEY SUCK! There were so many shuttle times for Universal and like NONE for Disney. They had two shuttle times for Disney that ONLY WENT TO EPCOT, so we have to take another bus everywhere else. We now have to allot money for taxis cause there is just no way. Just no way.IMG_1643

Aside from shitty shuttle times, the clock doesn’t work, we don’t have a personal safe, the washroom is tiny, no room service (just TGIF room service), and I think that’s it.

Connie’s phrase for this trip is “This Hotel is Gay”, just like how last time my phrase was “This photo is garbage.”

It was so late at night that NOTHING was open for food. We literally wandered around the area looking for something to eat. Needless to say we were fecking cranky as hell.

Oh, since we don’t have a vlogging camera yet, we have decided to document our entire trip on SnapChat.

Finally, we ended up just having a fit and ordering pizza. So healthy. We watched Adventureland while eating dinner, but didn’t get very far.

Bedtime was at 3am. Hopefully tomorrow is better.

We’re so totally bitching to our travel agent. It’s not her fault, but we just felt like we needed to express our discontent.


Tipping Mears Shuttle $1
Dominos Dinner $11.40

TOTAL $12.40


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