Supernatural Enforcement Bureau. The Dragon and The Vampire: Book 1 – Review

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After reading A. K. Michael’s, “The Witch, The Wolf and the Vampire” series, I was content with the way their romance played out. It was hot, it was sexy, it was romantic. And then she went and introduced some MORE CHARACTERS at the end of the third book that made me curious. Some authors, I find, have difficulty creating spin-offs of characters in books. Supernatural Enforcement Bureau isn’t one of those books. The events take place almost at the same time as The Witch, The Wolf, and The Vampire Book Three and occur and blend simultaneously. It’s uncanny.

In the world of the Supernatural there are Magic users. Witches and Wizards who weld magic for good or evil. But there is a greater magic; Dark Magic that only a few can poses.
After learning that Dark Magic is drawn from the blood of Dragons, SEB Director, Ronan, is instructed by his Sire, Josef, to investigate and to protect what they believe is the last Dragon.
Starr. The mysterious runaway with violet eyes and a secret past, has been running almost ten years. Running from hunters who want to do her harm. She’s lost almost everything and everyone and trusts no one with her secret, until she meets Ronan of the Supernatural Enforcement Bureau. She has to trust him with her secret and her heart, in the hopes he may be the one to save her from the hunters.

I love watching authors grow, and I love watching their writing grow with them.
Although SEB Book 1 isn’t my favourite of her novels, it still has a lot of merit. Author A. K. Michaels writes A LOT of Supernatural Fiction, and I mean A LOT. It’s very refreshing to find new and indie authors write to this genre, especially those that are good at it. Michaels stays true to the characters and stories, and creates a world where living with the supernatural seems common. There are witches, dragons, vampires and werewolves, and the best part is they’re not stupid, or sparkly, or anything ridiculous. What they are is loyal, intelligent, resourceful, and dare I say, organized.

I miss Josef, and Gabriel and Peri, but Ronan, Esther, Sam, Serge and Starr are pretty fun characters. Ronan and Sam especially. I almost want to envision Sam and Dean Winchester from Supernatural but I think Ronan and Sam are more badass. Even the older witch Esther is pretty cool, the way she handles Ronan and is firm with her beliefs and position. She also doesn’t fail to do what’s right in terms of ‘magical justice’ let’s say.

Maybe I’m a little biased, but I don’t have the sort of connection with Ronan and Starr as I do with Peri, Josef and Gabe. Perhaps that will change as I grow to love Starr, Ronan, and the rest of the SEB task force, but for now, I’m still in love with my favourite, witch, werewolf, and vampire trio. Maybe they’ll make a surprise cameo in the upcoming novels! One can only hope.

Supernatural Enforcement Bureau looks to be full of action, considering all that Ronan and Starr have to go through. No spoilers as to what sort of action, but look forward to it. I’m excitedly anticipating the next book and hope for there to be lots more drama and action between these two. Hopefully, they get their happily ever after.

3.5/5 Hearts of Love

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