Beautiful Oblivion – Review


I am literally writing this review, maybe a minute, or some seconds after finishing this book.

 At first I was EXTREMELY CONFLICTED when starting this book. I hadn’t read any teasers, knew nothing about it, I just knew that I had to pick the next book that had to do with the Maddox Brothers. At first, I felt weird… I tried to read it and not compare it to Beautiful Disaster but it was really hard. Somewhere in the back of my mind I was secretly comparing it to Travis and Abby which wasn’t right. For the longest time I didn’t know how I felt….
and then it got better…
and then I was confused….
and then the end came…
And my brain exploded.

Camille Camlin has never had an easy life. Lucky for her she has a good job, good friends and a good work environment to keep her going. She’s been working at the Red Door for years, and doesn’t have much time for a personal life outside of school. It just so happens that the first time in a long time that Cami’s taken time off work, who comes and sits beside her? Trenton Maddox, one of the infamous Maddox brothers. She knows he’s trouble. She knows he’s slept with more girls than she could count, but she’s sure she can keep their new friendship strictly platonic. But Cami has a secret, something she’s not telling Trent or any of her friends. A secret that could ruin a happiness that she never knew existed.

I sincerely don’t know how I feel about this book. I hate to be part of that 1% that dislikes something…but there it is. I’m not saying I hated Beautiful Oblivion, I just feel like it had a lot of hype, and even though I didn’t buy into the hype my expectations were still sort of up there. I picked it up because I enjoy Jamie McGuire’s books – she hasn’t let me down before. Plus, it was a Maddox boy. The book was still everything I thought it would be. Bad-boy with a hard exterior finally finding a girl to love with all his heart and settle down… who wouldn’t want that? Who doesn’t want that? Hell, even I want that. I want someone to love me as hard as a Maddox boy does, and that’s what I like about these sorts of romances.

The biggest thing that irked me the most about this one was Trent.
I just…I couldn’t….
I guess there are…multiple degrees…of…being a bad-ass?
I’m sorry, I love Trent, I really do, but….honey.
You are EXPELLING DOUCHEBAG ALL OVER THE PLACE and I feel like I need to take a shower immediately after leaving your presence.
There’s being persistent, and there’s just being plain, downright douchebag. Multiple times in the beginning Trent crossed that line. It’s a good thing Cami took a shot, but if that were me I’d be like….”Uh uh…no…back up Jersey Shore.” Like, please stop calling, or texting or being so damn persistent, IT’S NOT ALWAYS ATTRACTIVE! Might have almost filed a restraining order, or at least ignored his texts…something.
But despite all that, Trent was a good guy. 90% of the time. That 10% is for that thing that I can’t mention. And I mean yes, Maddox boys are pretty clingy…but maybe that’s not so bad. He respects her personal space and gives it to her when she needs it. Besides, Cami needs him just as much.
Trenton took a step and I held out my hand. “Not you.”
“You don’t get to come in.”
“But…I’m watching Olive.”
“You can watch her from the window.”
Trenton crossed his arms across his chest. “You think I won’t?”
“No, I know you will.” I grabbed the white sack from his hand, and then slammed the door in his face, locking the door. I tossed Olive the sack. “You like bagels, kiddo?”
“Yep!” she said, opening the sack. “Aw you weally going to make Twent stand outside?”
“Yes, I am,” I said, walking back to my room, and falling into my bed.

Author Jamie McGuire

As for Miss Perfect, I don’t know. I have respect for her, and I feel for her, but I don’t know. She’s okay in my books let’s just leave it at that. No further commentary. I have a lot of respect for her, but sometimes she just doesn’t seem to make good moral decisions, and that’s not necessarily her fault. Let’s just not talk about one specific university girl who falls in love with a rock star, while she’s in a relationship with a loving boyfriend, coughThoughtlesscough. But, I’ll hand it to her that she does what she does with what she knows. She’s trying to keep her family together while trying not to ruin anyone else’s. Cami is a good, strong, independent woman, who really doesn’t take s*** from anyone, and that’s a quality to be respected.

Most of the book as its ups and downs, its romance and its falling out. Those moments where you want to pull your hair out, the moments where you wish that was you, and the moments when you’re like “WTF ARE YOU DOING!?” It definitely is never a dull moment with the Maddox boys. I may have been disappointed most of the beginning and a bit angry the rest of the way, but the end is definitely worth waiting for! I look forward to reading this book again. and then I’ll look forward to the adventures of the next Maddox brother. God, why can’t I have one of these for myself 😛

4/5 Hearts of Love
**almost just barely a four

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  1. I’ve been rereading the ending over and over and I don’t understand what the secret was? All it shows is tj telling cami people know, BUT WHAT DO THEY KNOW? I feel like I have an incomplete book or something. Please for my sanity if you could take the time to email me and explain what this big secret was? Thanks.

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