The Book of Life – Review


One of the best series of ALL TIME has come to an end.

I literally, don’t know what to do with myself.
I don’t know what to look forward too now that this series is over. It was that big series that you always looked forward too every year – like the Harry Potter books when they came out. You knew there would be another one next year and didn’t worry. Even if this series was just a trilogy, it was a trilogy that changed my life.
This is one of those series that will change you. Like Harry Potter, like the Fever Series, the All Souls Trilogy is completely magical, completely captivating, and will hold you captive from the first page right until the last word.

Matthew and Diana are back from the past and now the pieces are slowly coming together. The war is only beginning and now they have more to protect than just themselves. Old friends return, as new and surprising allies arise as they come together to not only change the rules of the Congregation, but to get Ashmole 782 back. Diana has the power and will soon have all the pages, but a new enemy threatens their work and will stop at nothing to get both the book and Diana at any cost. If there’s one thing Matthew and Diana have to learn, is that family is thicker than blood.

This book and series have blown ALL EXPECTATIONS out of the water. This is one of those book series that will change your life. I can’t understand why or how some people would rate this series a three star or less. It’s ADULT FICTION/HISTORICAL FICTION, it’s slow, it’s detailed, it’s magical, it’s wonderful. IT’S LIKE HARRY POTTER FOR ADULTS! Except…more Vampires and Witches and no Werewolves.

The All Souls Trilogy, is an amazing book series. The characters are truly amazing, they all grow, they’re all lovable, ALL OF THEM, except the bad guys cause no one likes them… but they’re all multidimensional. It’s not just “this character is this specific type of person” and that’s the end of that character’s development, NO! All the characters are so complex and so diverse, that you just can’t but help love them. Tired of not having a character to relate to or to love, there are TONS in this series. I guarantee you’ll find someone you’ll relate too.

Now some of you may be thinking, “Oh, she’s biased.”
(am I allowed to say that? is that inappropriate?)
Just think about this for a second.
Witches. Vampires. Time Travel. Some of English History’s most famous figures, writers and inventors. Alchemy. Magic. And Science.
Seriously what part of that doesn’t sound amazing?
Oh and did I mention one EPIC ROMANCE. Okay, no, that’s a lie. Maybe like….two…or three…or even four….WELL ONE MAIN EPIC ROMANCE OKAY!
Author Deborah Harkness

Author Deborah Harkness

 The Book of Life picks up nearly right after Shadow of Night with a surprise first chapter intro from two very beloved characters of the series. From there the story is fast-paced but very exciting, and God love the science… At about the half way point, everything gets so serious, so fast, it’s crazy, and your EYE BALLS FEEL LIKE THEY’RE GOING TO POP OUT OF THEIR SOCKETS. Left and right you’re being thrown these curve balls and you don’t know what to do and it’s exciting, it’s thrilling and your heart….it just can’t take it!

The end of the series is when it gets really serious. After a certain point it just goes down hill from there and everything gets amazing. Think of any great spy movie, where the characters are trying to sneak into a place to reek havoc on the enemy. That’s what this book feels like, that’s how good it is. You’re waiting in anticipation, wondering how it’s all going to go down, and the characters you love so much are in peril and you’re screaming, “JUST DO IT ALREADY!”. This book, this series, this masterpiece, is a roller coaster. A real live roller coaster experience.

The amount of caps-lock and bold in this review is uncanny, but I promise you if you take the time, read this series – read it, understand it, and immerse yourself in it, you won’t find anything more magical.
Thank you so much, Deborah Harkness, for writing this amazingly beautiful series and sharing it with the world.
I just wish you made more money than J. K.

10/5 Hearts of Love


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