Captured – Review

Captured (Jasinda Wilder, Jack Wilder)Received in exchange for an honest review.

Do you have an author(s) who you know no matter what kind of novel they put out it’s going to be good?
I do.
Several in fact.
One of them is the very talented, Jasinda Wilder. Or in this case the amazingly talented husband and wife team of Jasinda and Jack Wilder.
It’s amazing what these two can do with a pen and paper, or rather laptop computer. Not once have I picked up a book written by either of them that I didn’t thoroughly enjoy. Even though I’m not privy to military romances, I still read Wounded and I still read Captured and you know what, I REALLY, REALLY LIKED IT! It was hot, steamy, sexy as hell, but it also had a lot of real, raw, heart-breaking emotion thrown into it. Not the kind that makes you want to cry or hate the characters, but the kind that makes you want to rage against the world because life isn’t fair.

There are many who believe war is only good for tearing families and loved ones apart, but there are also small instances and even miracles that occur when war somehow brings two unlikely people together.  Derek West is a marine, and a damn good one at that. On his recent tour to Afghanistan he and his buddies are ambushed leaving almost all of them for dead while Derek and his best friend become Prisoners of War. Two go in, one comes out. A promise between best friends gives Derek the drive he needs to survive, but is life worth living when you have nothing else to live for?

One of the first things I’m going to mention about this book is that it’s STEAMY AS ALL HELL! Now, I feel like I’ve read my share of steamy books. I read Fifty Shades before everyone jumped on the bandwagon, and I’ve dabbled into erotica and BDSM. In honesty, none of the books I’d read after Fifty Shades had come ANYWHERE CLOSE to being as steamy or as dirty (and I mean that as a compliment) as that series.
Until now.

I don’t know what it was about Captured: maybe it was the lengthy sex scenes, or the build-up to it, but if I can say one positive thing about Captured is that it is, HOT, HOT, HOT! I get the most reading done when I’m on the train going to work or during my lunch breaks and never, since Fifty Shades, had I felt so dirty (again in a positive way), and almost embarrassed to be reading at work. I swear my coworkers could see my stupid grin, my face turn red, and could feel my, dare I say it, horniness. (Words are words because I say they are). There was this, nice big chunk right smack in the middle of the book that was just….to die for… You essentially gushed in your seat and just melted at the romance that takes place between Reagan and Derek. It just makes YOU WANT TO DIE! The lust, the passion, the raw emotion, the love and trust these two have for each other…if only everyone in the world could find their someone to have a love like that…

Authors Jack and Jasinda Wilder

Authors Jack and Jasinda Wilder

But before you get into it, this book isn’t just about sex.
Oh no.
For the longest time in the beginning of the novel I admit I had a hard time getting into it. Not because it was written poorly, no way, it was because I wasn’t privy to military romances. I am very on edge with the military. I think it’s a necessary evil for men, and women, to be shipped off and sent away from their loved ones, leaving them in emotional turmoil and stress as to wonder if they’ll ever see them again. That is just too much of a burden. So for a large chunk of the book I felt this ENORMOUS amount of heartbreak for Derek and for Reagan. Derek lost his best friend and all of his buddies. Reagan sits at home worried scared every day whether or not her husband will come back to her. That is just WAY TOO MUCH PRESSURE on a person, in my humble opinion.

But besides the emotions and the sex and all the feels, I definitely preferred this book to Wounded. Derek and Reagan and just the cutest people, and I think Derek would shoot me for saying that. He’s just so humble and dare I say even a tad bit stubborn. Reagan is pretty much the same, stubborn, prideful, but also loving, caring, independent, and honest, which says a lot about their characters. There were times when this novel reminded me of The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks, except this is MUCH BETTER.

“I actually have a confession to make. That first time you took a shower in my bathroom? I brought you the clothes – I should have told you, the door doesn’t latch, and it kind of swings open a little. I accidentally saw you showering.”
“Accidents happen,” he says. “I kept watching, even though I knew you didn’t know I was here. I just watched, like a pervert.”
I’m blushing furiously, heart hammering.
“Yeah, well, I didn’t exactly look away right away, either.”

The thing about these two is that they learn together, love and grow together into something neither of them recognized and even thought possible, and those are the best kinds of romances. If you want to read something as steamy, sexy, and as hot as Fifty Shades, you have to read this book. No matter where you are I guarantee you’ll definitely have your naughty face on.

5/5 Hearts of Love

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