Side Effects – Blog Tour + Review

Author: Lisa Suzanne
Genre: Contemporary Romance
She has been hurt. She has a past of lies, cheating, and pain. She has severe panic attacks when she’s in enclosed spaces, a side effect of a horrible accident caused by a man she thought she loved. Quinn Carpenter has a distinct type: bad boys with dark hair, dark eyes, and tattoos. Tyler, her friend with benefits, fits the bill perfectly. They have fun together and they both know that fun is where their relationship begins and ends.
Quinn’s life is exactly how she wants it until she meets Reed Porter, the typical pretty boy with blue eyes, blonde hair, and zero tattoos. He is the exact opposite of everything Quinn likes.
So why can’t she get the frustrating, preppy, blue-eyed Reed out of her head?
She isn’t interested in commitment. She doesn’t want a relationship. But Reed challenges her, he puts her in her place, and he makes her nervous. The confident Quinn is never nervous around men, so what is it about Reed that has her questioning everything? And what will be the side effects of attempting to juggle two men at the same time?

I don’t remember if I’ve said this before so I’ll say it again.
Every time Lisa Suzanne comes out with a book I know I’ll be BLOWN AWAY!
Whenever she comes out with a new novel, in my humblest opinion, it seems BETTER than what she’s previously written. From this blogger’s opinion, Lisa Suzanne has never written a bad book – everything is just THAT GOOD.
With every book she publishes I think, “This is the best thing she’s written so far.” And with every new book she’s published she doesn’t fail to impress me. You NEED to take my advice and pick up this spectacular author’s books. She’s going to be big, bigger than she is now, I already know it and can feel it in my bones!

Relationships were never something that came easy to Quinn Carpenter. She’d never had the best luck in her love life, so she decided to just have fun and have sex with no strings attached. It seemed to be working. She had Talented bar-tender Tyler, to satisfy her needs, she had a great job, great friends, but as of late she’s been wanting more that just meaningless sex. Then she meets Preppy Reed Porter – everything opposite of what she wants. He’s blonde, he has blue eyes, he wears polos and khaki’s and wants to help save the environment. Definitely not bad boy material. And yet Quinn finds herself strange attracted to him…or strangely aggravated at how annoying he is. But Reed sees something in her and is attracted from the moment they meet. Now he just has to convince her that even though he isn’t her type, he’s everything she’s ever going to need.

I’m starting to see a trend with strong female leads. AND I LIKE IT. It’s a lot easier to write a woman who’s…emotionally scarred from something or who’s a little less proactive as I like to say. But strong, fierce women, who know what they want, who aren’t afraid to speak their mind, they’re the wild ones and I think are much harder to write. I’m always excited to read about strong female characters, and so far Quinn Carpenter is one of my favourites. THIS GIRL IS A BADASS CHICK! It’s hard for me to picture her as a high school English teacher, especially the way she carries herself. No one said teachers couldn’t live fun exciting lives, but she just takes it to another level. She’s hot, she likes to drink and party, she clearly has….a lot of sex, and I just don’t see her in a pencil skirt or jeans trying to teach a class about Romeo and Juliet.

What I love about Suzanne’s characters is that they’ve got SUCH MEMORABLE and STRONG personalities. Even the minor characters like Avery, her brother Grant, and her lover Tyler, all have strong individual personalities that stand out and make every character special and unique.
The language and writing is beautiful, it’s so simple, and has so much depth to it, I can’t see anyone not liking it.
If their criticism is going to be “This is too perfect.” or “It’s so unrealistic.” or even, “This is so fluffy.” then they are SERIOUSLY misjudging Suzanne’s talents. Pick up this book, or any of her other novels and be prepared to be blown away.

“Quinn, what exactly is your problem with me?”
I rolled my eyes as I shifted in my seat.
I had about a million problems with this guy.
He was preppy.
He was pretty.
He had no visible tattoos.
He was blonde.
He was sweet.
He wore polo shirts and khaki pants.
He was obnoxious.
He wasn’t my type.
He was everything I didn’t want in a man.
But for some reason, fate kept throwing him in my path.

The above list are all the reasons Quinn has no interest in Reed Porter. And I don’t blame her.
Look at that list. It makes me shutter.
I’d like to think I’m a badass in some ways, and seeing someone like THAT would just scream, ABSOLUTELY NO WAY. People like Reed who are just perfect, and preppy, and nice, usually don’t go for badass girls like Quinn, or all they want to do is get in their pants. But Preppy Porter has proved me wrong! He really is sweet and funny, warm and comforting, he’s just an all around good guy any girl would be LUCKY TO HAVE.

I can’t stop praising Suzanne for her ability to create the perfect man. Everything about them is just absolutely perfect. I just wish she could find these men in real life and send them my way. I will continue to look forward to the next book Suzanne writes, with great anticipation!

6/5 Hearts of Love


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Lisa Suzanne
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Lisa Suzanne started handwriting her books on yellow legal pads after she took a creative writing class in high school. She still has those legal pads full of stories, but now one of them is published under the title How He Really Feels. She currently works as a full time high school English teacher, and her favorite part of the year is summer. She has been blessed with the world’s best dog, a supportive family, and a husband who encouraged her to publish after reading one of her novels. She likes the advice of Ernest Hemingway’s famous quote, “Write drunk. Edit sober.”
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