Connected – Review

17902302I had my stipulations as I was reading this book.
I’m doomed, doomed I tell you.
I haven’t read a book so perfect in a while. I couldn’t tell if I was nauseated half the time, or if I was gushing; perhaps a bit of both. The entire time I was reading it I could picture fellow reader’s who’ve read this book, wanting to have a life-like Dahlia’s. At least everything past the first couple of chapters…
Kim Karr has created a romance and a man, so perfect, beyond all expectation, that it has ruined me for all future relationships.

Some people believe you only get one chance at a happily ever after, and for Dahlia London that seemed true. She had a wonderful family, an amazing boyfriend, the best of friends, and a bright future ahead of her. However, several tragedies in her life left her broken, empty, and more dead than alive. Thanks to a chance meeting, Dahlia is reunited with a man she met in college, now turned rock star, River Wilde. Reconnecting with a man she met one time in college sparks feelings that she didn’t know she had in her and finds herself falling for him faster than she thought possible. While River loves her more than he’s ever loved anything in his life, he wants to be her everything, help her heal the wounds that have managed to stay hidden. If Dahlia wants to be with him, she’s going to have to start opening up and finally letting someone who loves her in.

My legs are shaking and my stomach is doing flip-flops as I make my way to the conference room. I’m not a nervous person by nature, but the fact that I asked myself, Could love at first sight be real? when I met him that night makes me nervous as hell. The silence in the office adds to my anxiety; the only sound is my shoes clicking across the tile floor.

I got chills reading this book. MAJOR CHILLS. I feel like this entire review is just going encompass how beautiful and amazing and wonderful River Wilde is. This man, and Kim Karr, have probably ruined hundreds, if not THOUSANDS of women. Gentlemen, you really need to start picking up these novels, and mother’s, you should start suggesting these books to your sons at a young age. This man has everything that it just makes you want to die. Money helps, but it isn’t just that. It’s the love he carries for Dahlia. River practically worships her, and will do ANYTHING to make her happy, while taking the time to show her how much he loves her. He’s silly, he’s fun, he’s down to earth, and he’s attentive – what more could you ask for!? NOTHING THAT’S WHAT!

Author Kim Karr

Author Kim Karr

After all of the tragedy that occurred in her life, after all the people she loved had been taken from her, the least this girl deserves is time to heal and a wonderful romance, to fill the void in her broken heart. Unlike River, Dahlia takes a longer time to open up than he does, feeling guilty for being with a man after having been with her fiance for so long – which I think is perfectly logical. I couldn’t be happier for Dahlia and the love she eventually grows into with River.

“…A scar will appear and that means the extreme hurt and unbearable pain is over, your wound will be healed – but don’t ever let your heart close. Leave it open, let someone else in.”

My only criticism, were the chapters time jumping that made the story feel rather choppy. At first it flowed so well, having the first half of the book span over a couple of days, but the following chapters jump dramatically and the pacing felt awkward. However, understanding time spacing is very important. It would be extremely unrealistic for events to happen overnight, or in a span of several months, which is why I understand Karr’s decision to create such big time jumps between major events in order for the story to seem realistic.

What got me was the end. The end of the book, the Epilogue is the kicker. If you thought Connected was boring and slow, think again. I pretty much flipped out while reading the Epilogue, and can’t wait until I read the sequel, Torn.

Connected is a beautiful novel that tells a beautiful love story between a couple who really are ‘soul mates’. If only every relationship could be as great as this one there would be no such thing as divorce. Just skip everything that happened in the first few chapters.

5/5 Hearts of Love

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