Sins and Needles – Review

16029994I admit to not being entirely impressed with this book. I had high expectations and while reading it I wasn’t entirely thrilled. I WAS SO WRONG. Halfway, or a little less than halfway the book takes a MAJOR TURN that made me blink; it made me question what I just read, and made me wonder if perhaps I didn’t give this book enough merit as I should have. Karina Halle, I am HIGHLY IMPRESSED!

It isn’t easy growing up when your parents are con-artists. Not knowing any better, growing up on the run. Ellie Watt has always been running. Running from her past, her family, and from the man that wants to destroy her. Now she’s run out of places to go and identities to change into, so she decides to run back to the place she’d never thought she’d run to – her temporary home in Palm Valley. There, she unexpectedly meets someone from her past, someone she never thought she’d see again; her once old friend Camden McQueen, now turned tatted hottie. Together, they fall back into a familiar friendship while Ellie slowly starts to feel more. But soon, she learns that even in this town her past can still haunt her when Camden turns on her and threatens to expose her con-life unless she makes a deal with him.

I am so glad I gave this book a chance. And even just judging by the cover (which is WRONG, you shouldn’t do that. But I still do it anyway), I knew this book and this series was going to be badass. I’ll admit to have overlooked the book as I was reading it, thinking it was going to be a straight-forward story about how a girl goes back home and falls back in love with her high school friend…blah blah blah….Don’t you just love when you’re wrong.
Sins and Needles is definitely one of the most interesting and surprising books I’ve read this year.

Having read On Every Street before Sins and Needles I had a really good understanding of Ellie’s character and her motivation. I knew what she was running from and what she was afraid of. What surprised me was the time gap between On Every Street and Sins and Needles. Ellie Watt is an interesting character for me. I don’t know where to put her on the admiration scale. On the one hand, she’s been fighting for survival, using the tools and tricks she’s learned to live a life – even if it is a criminal one. And on the other hand, you have to feel sorry for her because it’s all she knows, and the things that have happened to her have scarred her for life. What Ellie is, is determined I’ll give her that. She’s loyal, to an extent, and doesn’t break her promises….sort of. I know it isn’t the most honest picture of a person, but when you’ve lived a con-life for as long as she has, and have put on so many names and faces, it’s hard to be an honest person.

Author Karina Halle

Author Karina Halle

In this book we’re also introduced to Camden McQueen, Ellie’s love interest. He’s A LOT different from Javier Bernal and I may actually like him better. You know, considering the fact I wouldn’t be entirely afraid of him wanting to kill me in my sleep… He’s tatted, he wears sexy nerd glasses, and he genuinely seems to believe in and care about people. A piece of advice though: Don’t underestimate him. He may come to surprise you as he surprised me. He was even scary for a minute or so. I was LEGITIMATELY scared of him, and for Ellie too. But, eventually he came around and proved that sometimes, you just can’t help who you love.

“I hate you, Ellie Watt,” he whispered, lips coming closer to mine, “because I still love you after all these years.”

At first it seems like a typical love story; clearly because I didn’t read the back or the summary otherwise I would have known it would be anything but. I promise you if you haven’t read it, Sins and Needles is exciting, addicting, and will leave you clinging to each word. I can’t wait till I get my hands on Shooting Scars, Book 2 in the trilogy. You go Karina Halle! Put Canadians on the book map!

5/5 Hearts of Love

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