On Every Street – Review

17230557I’m excited – although a little bit behind – to say that I’VE FINALLY read a KARINA HALLE NOVEL! Woo! Support Canadian Authors! I know it’s taken me a long time to pick up one of her novels, and I apologize. I wish I could read or write faster so I could read more books in a year; that would help!
I know originally you’re supposed to read Sins and Needles first in the Artists Trilogy, however, I decided I wanted to read the series in order, so I started with the novella On Every Street, which takes place before the first book.
The only thing I knew about this series was the hype, and if everyone is reading it, it must be good (that logic). I hadn’t read the blurb, or knew what the story was about, I just figured support Canadian authors and give the series a shot. It looked sexy enough! This prequel to the Artists Trilogy was definitely STEAMY and very SEXY but also had it’s moments….

After a con had gone bad when she was young, Ellie Watt has been secretly plotting revenge on the man who took something from her, something she’ll never get back. After deciding to change her name to Eden White, she goes undercover and tries to get in with someone who’ll get her into that man’s inner circle. Her mark, Javier. What she didn’t expect was to fall for him, and overtime the lines between reality and the lie start to blur together, keeping her from her revenge.

I was HIGHLY IMPRESSED and surprised with the simplicity and emotion-filled journey this novella sent me on. At first the beginning seemed a little vague with Ellie referring to her old life and being all secretive, as if the reader wasn’t supposed to know what sort of life she lived. She kept referring to this man, and this ‘thing’ that happened and I kept thinking, “Am I going to find out what happened?”. Eventually all my questions were answered and the bulk of the story really did make up for my confusion in the beginning.

Somewhere in the back of my mind I wonder what it would be like to drop everything and be someone else. A clean slate, a restart. For Ellie, or Eden, it’s for a con; she has to be this perfect someone, to attract her mark in order to get into the inner circle and get her revenge. I wonder though if sometimes it is easy to get carried away with your new identity and forget who you were, because often times being someone else is much easier.

Author Karina Halle

Author Karina Halle

Another thing I VERY MUCH LIKED was the steaminess of the novella. Short, simple and oh so savoury. Where have these books been most of my life! I wonder if it’s sad that all it takes for me to be wowed is a man, preferably tattooed, with a big heart, who’s committed, charming, funny, attentive, and who treats me right… Apparently that’s too much to ask these days. I’m not going to try to sell Javier to you, but I will say he is HOT, SEXY, SUAVE, and DANGEROUS BEYOND BELIEF.

He nodded, cool and confident. He sat back in his chair and drummed his fingers on his leg, watching me so closely, too closely.
“I think you’ll look back at this in a few years and you’ll know what I know.”
“And what’s that?” I asked, forgetting everything I’d been planning to do, just so completely and utterly enthralled.
“You’ll have to find out for yourself. Better yet, I can get you started. This Friday.”
My face must have looked blank because he went on with a wry smile, “I’m going to take you out on a date.”

There were times when I was scared for Eden; where I could feel her pain and her heartbreak, and I can understand that those emotions aren’t always easily conveyed through an author’s writing. Halle makes it scary, and real, and I think that’s what amazes me the most. I felt Eden’s madness and I felt parts of her just slip away.

I’m glad read On Every Street before Sins and Needles; I like knowing a characters back-story a little before starting the novel. I wonder how Sins and Needles is going to play out, considering I have no idea what the series is about, but I’m really excited to see where Ellie’s life takes her.

4/5 Hearts of Love

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