The Edge of Always – Review

17374029Here it is. Book two. The sequel to The Edge of Never, one of my new VERY FAVOURITE books. I’m pretty happy with this follow-up. Maybe not one of my all-time favourites, but I love Camryn and Andrew so much that I just had to know more about their story. If you’ve read The Edge of Never you’ll definitely love The Edge of Always. It’s just as beautiful, heart-breaking and heart-warming as its prequel.

After meeting Andrew Parrish, Camryn Bennett’s life is finally falling into place. She’s never been happier, is finally looking forward to her future, and is happily engaged to her soul mate. Ready to start the first day of the rest of her life with the love of her life, something awful happens that sets her right back to her days of depression. How can so many awful things happen to someone in one lifetime? Determine not to give up on his happiness and Camryn, Andrew decides they need to start over, and by starting over he plans to hit the road again and hopefully, help Camryn cope with the pain during her moments of weakness.

The Edge of Always picks up almost right after the end of The Edge of Never, give or take a few months. Andrew and Camryn are happy, ladidadida… everything just seems to be going well for them. So where is this story going? All of a sudden WHAM! RIGHT IN YOUR FACE FEELS!!! Your heart hurts so bad and you just feel terrible for these two…meanwhile Camryn is masking it all, trying to act normal, here you are feeling heartbreak for them!… Yeah, it’s not right, something is definitely up. (I can’t tell you what the event is because spoilers…)

I feel so bad for Camryn, because she’s been through so much, and deserves her happy ending, but it just gets taken from her and it’s just NOT FREAKING FAIR! But we wouldn’t have a story without a bit of tragedy. I just feel for her, you can’t help but do so.

Author J. A. Redmerski

Author J. A. Redmerski

Andrew Parrish…
Again, this….perfect specimine of human being. *grumbles* I hate him cause he’s so perfect. And hate in the playful sense. Why can’t more men be like Andrew Parrish? He should be the STAPLE of what Men want to be like when they grow up. I can never say enough good things about him, even more so in this novel. He’s Camryn’s rock, he’s so strong because he wants to be everything she deserves, he truly does love her, listens to her, is careful, but most of all he THINKS BEFORE HE SPEAKS. Such a rare and fine quality in a man. He’ll think about what she’s saying, and quickly devises an appropriate answer. Oh, and not to mention… He’s DANGEROUSLY ROMANTIC! Ugh that feels…

“Me?” I crouch in front of her again. “But I’m here, Camryn. I’ll always be here.” I take her hands into mine. “I don’t care what you do, or what happens between us. I’ll never leave you. I’ll always be with you.” I wrench her hands. “Remember when I said you were the world to me? You asked me to remind you if you ever forrgot. Well, I’m reminding you now.”

What I found about this book is that, for me, it wasn’t as moving, or as life-changing as the first novel. Maybe because I felt this book was a little more serious, or the theme was a little beyond my experience and I couldn’t relate as well. The first book was about breaking out, being comfortable with yourself and doing things that made you happy. This book was more about healing, learning to be happy with someone, and forgiving yourself. This book did have its moments though I’ll give it that much, and overall was a wonderful reading experience. God, I love Camryn and Andrew so much

“Which brings to mind number four on our list of promises: if I’m ever lost or missing, promise you’ll never stop looking for me until it’s been exactly three hundred sixty-five days. On day three sixty-six, accept that if was alive I would’ve already found my way back to you, and that I’m long dead. I want you to go on with your life.”
“OK, fine,” she says, slipping out of her seat belt and scooting over next to me. She lays her head on my shoulder. “Only if you agree to do the same for me. One year. Not a day more.”
“I promise,” I say, though I’m lying through my teeth. I would look for her until the day I died.

I’m sad their story is over because I’m going to miss them so damn much! It’s really scary how some stories have such profound effects on people. This book series moved me in ways that I haven’t felt since reading The Sea of Tranquility by Katja Millay. It is definitely a series that has changed my life.

5/5 Hearts of Love

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