The Edge of Never – Review

I just.
I can’t.
This book guys.

This book, was UNBELIEVABLY GOOD! I can’t understand why one of my good friends said “she couldn’t get past the first chapter” I find that completely insulting considering we usually have the same reading taste. Another friend of mine said “You’ll love Andrew” which I do! Completely and utterly! And other friends surprised me by asking me to let them know if the book was any good. I’m surprised they hadn’t read it considering how FREAKING GOOD IT IS, heck I’m surprised it took me this long to read. But priorities. I thought I would never read another book as good as The Sea of Tranquility again. I was so wrong.

Camryn Bennett has no idea where she’s going in life. She thought she knew but after getting into a fight with her best friend and having an epiphany that her life isn’t where she thought it would be she decides to make a change. In order to find herself she grabs everything she can fit into a bag and grabs a bus to nowhere. Instead of finding herself she finds Andrew Parrish, a smoking hot twenty-five-year-old who tries to live life to the fullest. Their meeting ends up turning into exactly the thing Camryn needs to feel alive again, but she’s suspicious that Andrew is hiding something and won’t tell her what it is. After all men this perfect have to come with some sort of flaw.

Author J. A. Redmerski

Author J. A. Redmerski

If I could only say one thing about this book for the entire review it would be that this book INSPIRES ME. Here is a girl, unsatisfied and discontented with her life who actually has THE BALLS to get up and do something about it. She gets up, packs her things and gets on a bus going god-knows where. I can’t imagine the amount of courage it takes to even take that step! Camryn doesn’t just fit into society, and does what she does because it’s expected of her; she has her own dream and her own plans for the future, she wants to explore life and live it and that’s something I feel people are doing less and less of these days. Our time on this earth is just so short and we spend most of it being miserable and being EXPECTED to do things because society thinks it’s right and somewhere along the way our dreams get lost in the mix.

“Tell me something.” Andrew says suddenly and my eyes lock on him, “what part of being around everyone else frustrates you the most?”
Frustrates me?
I think on it for a second, my gaze fixated on the brass lamp mounted on the wall beside the bed.
“Is that a question, or your answer?”
I give up.
“I really don’t know-I mean I feel…restricted around everyone, with the exception of Ian, of course.”
He nods and listens, letting me go on without interruptions while the answer is hanging on the tip of my brain.
And then out of nowhere, the answers just come:
“No one wants to do what I want to do,” I say my explanation begins to unfold more quickly now that I feel more confident in the answer. “I just like with living free and not taking the ordinary route, y’know? No one wants to step out of their comfort zone to do that with me because it’s not something most people do. I was afraid to tell my parents I didn’t want to go to college because that’s what they expected me to do. I accepted a job at a department store because my mom expected it to fulfill me in some way. I went with my mom every Saturday to visit my brother in prison because she expected me to go, because he’s my brother and I should want to see him even though I didn’t. Natalie relentlessly tries to hook me up with guys because she thought it was abnormal that I be single.
“I think I’ve been afraid most of my life to be myself.”

Aside from inspiring, the book also challenges people, challenges Camryn when Andrew tries to teach her how to be more open, to say what she feels, to not be afraid and yes, even to do things that scare her and that are outside her comfort zone. That’s how to live. That’s how to do the most with your life. Do things because you’re passionate about them and because you want to, and to not care what society thinks. (As long as it’s not something illegal). Now if only I could take my own advice and actually take that first step to changing my life.

So, let’s talk about Andrew Parrish for a second.
Why isn’t this boy real?
Like why?
If he is where can I find him?
I mean seriously. He’s good-looking, he’s talented, funny, open, sarcastic, fun to joke around with, isn’t afraid of sexual jokes, AMAZING in bed, like….WHY!? Forget all those Alpha males and the doms and the Masters, this is what women deserve. A down to earth, playful, fun, attractive guy, who will love them SO MUCH their hearts will probably burst. This guy has practically SHOT up my list of BEST BOOK BOYFRIENDS; not that there’s an official list or anything…but there should be. I should have one, and he’d DEFINITELY be on it.

I still can’t believe how long it’s taken me to pick up this book. More to the point, I can’t believe Redmerski was an indie author before this was published by Forever. The Edge of Never is a highly recommended novel for those that need a little bit of inspiration to taking the first step in being happy in life. Now close your eyes, look at the board, and pick a bus to anywhere.

6/5 Hearts of Love

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