Blood Promise – Review

287032_1252155848449_295_446Continuing my journey through the Vampire Academy series I’ve realized not all books can be great. Well, no that’s a lie, the Harry Potter series was pretty good in my opinion, even though there was a lot of filler. Point being, series have filler books and Blood Promise is definitely this series’ filler book.

The Strigoi attack on St. Vladimir’s left a dark cloud over the school, one cloud especially dark was hanging over Rose Hathaway’s head. Her mentor, Dimitri, was turned into a Strigoi, and after the first few months of getting to know him they were both confident enough to say that they’d rather be dead than be a Strigoi. Making it her personal mission, Rose set out to find him and kill him herself. But deciding to leave the school is one of the hardest things she’s ever had to do because it meant leaving her best friend Lissa without knowing whether or not she’d come back. While on this road Rose struggles with herself, as she ponders whether or not when the time came, would she actually be able to kill her mentor and the love of her life?

This book starts off right after the end of Shadow Kiss, Rose is leaving the school to go find Dimitri and presumably kill him, releasing him from his Strigoi body and setting his soul free blah blah blah. It all sounds amazing and exciting when you think about it, but the actual journey itself wasn’t what I expected. I found Blood Promise very long, and dull, and just fillery. I’m not going to sugar-coat it, I’m sorry but NOTHING HAPPENED UNTIL THE LAST 150 PAGES. There, I guess you could consider that a spoiler? Maybe?

There were some really interesting things that happened, interesting characters and IMPORTANT characters that we meet that I’m not going to tell you about. What was most disappointing was the lack of Strigoi in this book too, at least until the last 150 pages.

There’s always a reason for things to happen, and the people Rose meets will ultimately help her through her quest/journey to finding Dimitri, but I still think everything that happened just took WAY TOO LONG. A lot of the time I was sitting there going, “Yeah I get it…” or parts where I was hoping something bad would happen or at least something half-exciting. The overall tone of the book was very muted and droll, and the fact I had to read 350 pages of nothing to get to the action was a bit unnerving.

I think one of the things I disliked most about this book was the obvious LACK OF ADRIAN AND DIMITRI! OMG! It was so boring without them! I even missed Christian and his snarky sarcasm! Rose is pretty much on her own most of the book. She’s surrounded by people but it’s no one she really knows like a close friend or ally. I get that the whole point of the book was to find Dimitri but it could have been a little more interesting… She didn’t need to be so mean to Adrian too….and I liked him.

Let’s continue on the list of THINGS THAT IRKED AKI ABOUT BLOOD PROMISE.

Author Richelle Mead

Author Richelle Mead

Dimitri, who I loved, SOOOOO MUCH, was actually REALLY FREAKING ANNOYING in this book. I get that he’s a Strigoi now, so he’s all undead and evil and wants to drink people’s blood, but seriously, he was really annoying. Being a Strigoi changed all his morals, it made practically everything sexy about him just vanish, and he became this…really annoying almost whiny little boy who spouted about saying HIS RELIGION WAS THE BEST or however he was preaching that Strigoi life was better. I probably would have punched him myself, or at least called him out on being boring and annoying. I applaud Rose though, that girl has serious patience… DAMMIT DIMITRI why are you evil!?

On the plus side we do get to meet Rose’s dad which is super exciting! That’s hopefully gonna be important later, right?! Honestly, what’s the point…of getting together with a dhampir, having a baby and not seeing them again? It makes sense if you’re a Royal Moroi and you’re GOING to have a royal family, but I just…I can’t….WHAT IS THE POINT!? All these dhampir children should be in touch with their parents, even if they’re only half-children. I’m just not okay with child neglect…Bad form Rose’s dad…bad form.

Blood Promise was definitely not my favourite book in the series, it was long, it dragged on, and there just wasn’t enough to keep me interested. Hopefully Spirit Bound is an improvement, and then onto Last Sacrifice. I don’t think I’ll be moving onto the spin-off series though… By then I think it’ll be time to move back onto a romance novel.

3/5 Hearts of Love


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