Shadow Kiss – Review

ShadowKiss_NovelThis book was LONG~! and when I say long I just mean longer than book one and two. There were a lot of ups and downs, lot of slow moments and a bit of filler but everything was interrelated as long as you look hard enough – as is with most YA novels. Nothing is done by accident and everything has a purpose.

Just a few months before graduation the dhampirs of St. Vladimir’s Academy are assigned their Moroi for ‘field testing’. After their rescue mission in Spokane, Rose Hathaway believes she’s unstoppable. That is until she starts seeing things – seeing ghosts. Distracted by what this ghost’s presence Rose starts to do poorly during her field examinations. Aside from everything that’s happening Victor Dashkov’s trial finally comes to light and both Rose and Lissa desperately want to be there to testify against him. As Rose’s visions of ghosts continue to haunt her, Dimitri’s concern for her well-being grows deeper and deeper, but when a looming threat decides to break into the school will Rose and Dimitri be able to do what’s right and put the Moroi first?

Not that I’m complaining, but this book dragged on JUST A SMIDGE JUST A TINY BIT. I get why the extra content and all the information was necessary but it seemed….really long. There was just a lot of content to be processed in this book, field testing, Victor’s trial, the attack at the end, there was just A LOT OF CONTENT. I swear the entire series takes place during the course of ten months. It’s surprising there haven’t been THAT MANY CAUSALITIES.

Aside from all that we get to spend a lot of casual time with Rose, Christian, Eddie, Adrian and Dimitri. Since the first book I feel like we’ve been getting less and less quality Lissa time and that makes me a bit sad. I wanted to like her a lot but all my feels have shifted to liking Rose and Christian. Speaking of Christian….THAT KID IS BADASS! I have to remember these kids are only 17-18, like it’s crazy. I wish I was that badass when I was in my senior year of high school. Seriously, you will have a new fond respect for Christian as well as Eddie in this book.

Author Richelle Mead

Author Richelle Mead

Adrian and Dimitri are still as hot as ever. No surprise there. We get A LOT more Dimitri in this book, THANK GOD, ugh that man is a God. Seriously. And just a little teeny tiny spoiler, we get a lot of Dimitri and Rose action. My blood was boiling! They are just so perfect together. Adrian and Rose have their moments too and it makes you wonder who she’s going to end up with. Well I of course want her to end up with Dimitri, just so I can have Adrian to myself ;). Adrian’s lifestyle and his past keep Rose from believing his true intensions and feelings towards her, while others are busy either spreading rumours about them being together or trying to keep them apart. It’s very confusing. Nobody wants to be with a playboy, but I think Adrian is serious…

Finally, Adrian looked back at me. For the first time ever, he looked vulnerable. “When you come back, will you give me a fair shot?”
I hid my surprise. “What do you mean?”
“It’s like I said. You’ve never wanted me, never even considered me. The flowers, the flirting…it rolled right off you. You were so gone for him, and nobody noticed. If you go do your thing, will you take me seriously? Will you give me a chance when you return?”

The book ended on such an amazing cliff-hanger, I swear I would die if I had to wait a year for the next book. I can’t wait to see what Mead has planned for Rose, Dimitri, Lissa, Adrian and Christian. How is it all going to end? How is it going to turn out?! I just want to read, read, read and DEVOUR these books!

4.5/5 Hearts of Love
Cause Dimitri was really sexy in this one….;)


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