Frosbite – Review

Frostbite_NovelNow I know why people were trying to get me to read this series a long time ago; it just gets better and better. And I hope it continues to get better! I have several WONDERFUL things to say, as well as a few DREADFUL ones that need to be said but I promise the wonderful outweighs the dreadful.

After the events that occurred in Vampire Academy the students of St. Vladimir’s start to get back into their regular routines. Rose is off to be tested by a famous Guardian, only to find that he and his Moroi family were murdered by Strogoi. After this opposing threats to the Moroi comes to light the faculty decides to send everyone to a ski resort for the winter break. Relationships form and grow stronger, Lissa’s madly in love with Christian, Rose is fighting her feelings for Dimitri, Mason is still one of her biggest fans, but who is this new Moroi royal who’s come to play? After the Moroi are attacked even in daylight the guardians start to wonder how these attacks are taking place. Deciding to take matters in their own hands the students decide to go out on their own and do a little hunting.

I love how the tone in Frosbite stayed the same as in Vampire Academy. Less bullying perhaps, less dead animals, but there was still that constant dread that the Strogoi were going to attack any minute. I have this nasty feeling that all the events of the series are going to take place within the year and I’m not sure how I feel about that…Such big events should be more spaced out, BUT it is a YA novel/series after all. Imagine, Rose and Lissa’s entire world changing in the course of a year. It’s worse than Harry Potter. At least big things happened only once a year at their school.

As serious as it is there’s still a high school playfulness about Rose and her friends. Like any other teenager they all look forward to winter break; especially winter break at a fancy ski resort. All-expense paid, mostly stress free…. It’s kind of nice how the seriousness is taken away by common high school events.

Author Richelle Mead

Author Richelle Mead

Let’s get to the juicy part…. The new Moroi royal – Adrian Ivashkov.HOLY MOTHER!
I thought Dimitri was hot, now I can’t even categorize them on a scale.
Where Dimitri is classic, strong silent zen master, all-out badass, and has a SEXY Russian accent, Adrian is charismatic, arrogant, full of himself, and even a TAD BIT stalkerish. And when I say tad, I mean VERY MINIMAL…mostly. He just has this charm you’re instantly attracted to and wish he would pay attention to you the way he pays attention to Rose. Two very different boys pining after one very special Dhampir. I seriously can’t decide who I like or WANT more…Dimitri or Adrian…AHHHHH!!!!!!As for the dreadful stuff…the ending was pretty bad. And I mean bad as in like I cried. I’M NOT GONNA TELL YOU WHY! But it was sad….it was just….really sad. You remember in the Harry Potter Order of the Phoenix film, where Sirius died (OH SPOILER SIRIUS DIES) and the whole movie goes silent and you see Harry kicking and screaming but there’s only faint music in the background. Yeah, this scene is THAT INTENSE. I literally felt like everything happened in slow motion and it was just downhill from there….

The PLUS side to all of that is the last chapter is REALLY FREAKING GOOD! And that’s all I’m going to say to that affect. Onto book 3 – Shadow Kiss. 2 down and four to go! Don’t think or know if I’m going to read the spin-off series…

4/5 Hearts of Love
Again, because I can’t give it an extra point just because Adrian is so yummy!


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