Vampire Academy – Review

books_vampireacademy_bigYes, I will admit to only reading this book because a), it came HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by a very good friend of mine, and b), because the movie was coming out so I wanted to do a comparison of the two. I have the entire Vampire Academy collection but I hadn’t brought myself to start reading it, until now.

I can CLEARLY see what all the hype is what with all the memorable characters, incredible story and playful writing style. I wish I could have been as badass as Rose when I was in high school, maybe I could have had more fun and been a better person. Don’t you just LOVE kickass female protagonists!?

After two years of freedom, Moroi Princess Lissa, and her Dhampir Rose are caught and dragged back to St. Vladimir’s Academy aka Vampire Academy. It’s just like any other high school except its students are vampire royalty and their guardians-in-training. Trying to finish their senior year, Rose and Lisa come face to face with the challenges of being teenagers, dealing with gossip, forbidden love, and the evil undead Strigoi, who are trying to turn Lissa into one of them forever.

Let me just start off by saying, from someone who hadn’t read the books before seeing the movie I thought the movie was pretty good; I had no complaints about it, and would gladly see it again! If you’ve read the series I definitely think you should check out the movie, and if you haven’t read the books you should still see the film adaptation. It’s nice to put a face to a name don’t you think?

I’d always been skeptical about YA novels, probably because I thought myself above all the drama and poor decision-making a lot of the characters made. Recently I’ve found that even romance novels feature female leads who make terrible life choices….*coughcoughKierafromtheThoughtlesseriescoughcough* But I’ve actually come to enjoy YA recently, and am glad I started off with this series.

Strong female leads definitely help, and Rose is definitely a snappy, snarky, badass, strong female lead! Not to say Lissa isn’t badass herself, she just has a different role to play throughout the story. It’s easy to forget this is taking place in a high school because Rose acts so much more mature than her age. She’s so SELFLESS and CARING and always puts Lissa before anything else. That’s real and true friendship right there. The kind that people can only wish for.

Author Richelle Mead

Author Richelle Mead

Skipping to the GOOD STUFF because I’m such a fangirl 😛 Yes, I will fully admit to DROOLING HEAD OVER HEELS for Dimitri Belikov. Omg, I swoon every time I say his name and just…THINK ABOUT HIM he’s so hot! Danila Kozlovsky did an EXCELLENT job playing Dimitri in the movie (although I know Ben Barnes is a popular online choice – he definitely is sexy…but not bulky enough for the role of a guardian). He is TOTALLY SEXY and yes, his Russian accent DEFINITELY got me. Oh man, the tension and chemistry between him and Rose just makes you want to DIE!

All of a sudden, it occurred to me that he was still holding me down. The skin on his fingers was warm as he clutched my wrists. His face hovered inches from my own, and his legs and torso were actually pressing against mine. Some of his long brown hair hung around his face, and he appeared to be noticing me too, almost like he had that night in the lounge. And oh God, did he smell good. Breathing became difficult for me, and it had nothing to do with the workout or my lungs being crushed.

Aside from Dimitri we’ve got Christian, Mason, Natalie, Victor and Mia. All memorable, all wicked and/or evil, but such lovable and memorable characters. You could definitely find someone you relate to or someone you’d hang out with if you were going to Vampire Academy. Second to Dimitri’s hotness, Christian comes REALLY CLOSE. I hate how we love the dark and broody boys. I think it’s because they have so much potential, so much growing and change in them that we just want to be there to watch it unfold. Despite Christian’s dark nature, he’s actually a really cool guy and I’d definitely love being in league with him.

I really do hope they make more movies, I love watching book adaptations. I also can’t wait to read the next book in the series! Oh god I’m smiling like a crazy fangirl! AHHH!!!! Seriously, I need to see some more Rose on Dimitri action like…ASAP. That girl needs to have a shag like IMMEDIATELY!!!

4/5 Hearts of Love
*I was going to give it 5 but that was just because Dimitri was so damn hot* haha



  1. You should definitely continue the series then! I love them! I saw the movie and it was okay but I felt like everything was happening too fast and it got confusing at times. Still, I’d watch it again.

    1. I am going to continue it. I just have to read “Hard As You Can” for a blog tour + review, then I’m going back to it. It’s hard to balance pleasure reading and ARC books OTL.
      I loved the movie, I thought it did pretty well for someone who didn’t read the book. I’d definitely watch it again JUST FOR DIMITRI! <3333 DANILA <3333333333

      1. Yes indeed. Danika did a GREAT job portraying Dimitri. FANTASTIC job!! Rose did too. And Lisa. And Natalie. And Christian. Those actors played their characters really well!

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