Get the Guy – Review

Get-the-Guy-678x1024For the first tim ever I will NOT be reviewing a work of fiction or romance, God that’s weird.
Instead I’ll be reviewing a self-help book.

Is that weird to call it self-help? Is the term ‘self-help’ degrading?
Well whatever genre or category this book falls into I think Get the Guy is a GREAT TOOL and a GREAT READ for women of all ages to help them find, attract, and keep the man of their dreams.

Now I’ve met Matthew/Matt n real life, not personally but at his seminars, and I have to say if you’ve watched any of his videos on YouTube or on his website I promise you he’s just as charming in real life as he is online. You can tell he loves his job, he’s passionate about it, and he loves helping women find happiness in finding love. But I’m not here to talk about how brilliant he is. I’m here to talk about his book Get the Guy.

If you ever have a chance to go to one of Matt’s seminars I definitely think you should. There’s something more personal about when he speaks to you rather than when you’re reading it in a book. Still, if you can’t make it out reading the book is the next best thing. Everything he talks about in his seminars is in this book. Like I said, it’s a wonderful book on how to find men, attract them, and learning secrets on how to keep them.

Reading this book and having these tips on paper I felt, SPECIAL, like I was learning SUPER TOP SECRET INFORMATION about the male psyche. Why they act the way they do, why they don’t call you back, why they put women in the friend-zone. I felt like I had knowledge that no other woman had, and I wanted to use this to my advantage. After reading this book I just felt SO CONFIDENT that if I REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted to put myself out there I would find someone.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t take this book, or any self-help book without a grain of salt, but I swear to you MATTHEW IS A GENIUS. If you’re tired of being single, no matter what age, you should definitely give this book a read!

4/5 Hearts of Love


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  1. I already got the guy but you make me want to read this!

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