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Title: Nerd Girl
Author: Sue Lee
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance
Tour Organized by: Indie Sage, LLC

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Everyone knows that office romances can be risky, but how much are you willing to sacrifice for love?

Julia Hayes is beautiful, successful, sometimes nerdy, and perpetually single. She lives in Seattle and just landed her dream job at one of the most iconic technology companies in the world.

When Julia embarks on a new career opportunity, a serendipitous event literally throws her in the path of Ryan McGraw, the hot and charming VP. As the attraction grows between them, it’s not long before Julia realizes that things are more complicated than they appear.

Nerd Girl is a heartwarming love story about a woman at the crossroads between true love and her career. It’s about deciding what’s most important in life and taking chances to get it. But most of all, it’s about not letting your mind prevent you from following your heart.

Prizes: 2 Print Copies (US ONLY)
3 Ebook Copies of Nerd Girl by Sue Lee.

The next thing I knew, he pulled me into a used bookstore. He said he loved old book stores and could spend hours in one. Why did I find that so freakin’ attractive? It must be the nerd in me. We walked around the store, looking at the titles and displays. He kept hold of my hand while we roamed the bookshelves. There was a distinct musty odor, but not offending; it was that old college library smell I remembered from my days at the UW great library, books and must and mold and pencil shavings.

I noticed a used copy of Jane Eyre and picked it up. “I love this book. I love Brontë and Austen. They wrote such timeless love stories,” I said casually. “If you think about it, the common person didn’t have typewriters or editors; or at least, I don’t think they did. The concept of marketing was probably only by word of mouth. The thing that made these stories persist over time was the quality of the writing and the stories themselves. Jane Eyre was so beautifully written.”

“Why do all women love these books so much?”

I gave him a reprimanding look. He looked back at me, feigning innocence.

“Their love stories were so simple, really,” I explained. “It only took a single meeting or a letter or a look across the room before they wanted to profess their love for one another. Their love consumed their whole existence.”

“Simple? I totally disagree.” Ryan shook his head emphatically. “One of the main reasons why these books are such popular stories is because their stories are so complicated. They’re the total opposite of simple. Their social structure and etiquette makes it even more so. Each story is a misunderstanding, a long journey that the author takes the reader on, and telling the story is lengthy enough to be book worthy. It is definitely not simple.”


He continued to press his point. “I mean, look at Rochester. He hid a wife from his governess, from the whole house for that matter. That’s not simple. Did he honestly think he could get away with hiding someone behind the wall?”

“Okay, you win!” I held up my hands in defeat. “Closet Brontë fan, I see.”

He smirked at my comment, but looked smug.

“You’re right,” I conceded. “I guess love makes you desperate and people do irrational things. These stories are far from simple. It was an incorrect choice of words. I meant that their love was pure and all consuming—Jane and Rochester, Catherine and Heathcliff, Elizabeth and Darcy. Satisfied?”

“Yes,” he said smugly.

“I guess I wonder why people always have to make things so darn complicated. I think the best love stories, the real ones, at least, are those that aren’t complicated. No drama, no issues. People meet, fall in love, get married, and live happily ever after. They just know. I’ve never had that. Maybe that’s why I’m still single.”

“I’m seeing a pattern here with you. You don’t like the color gray,” he observed and then added with a mischievous look, “The best love stories are complicated, because it wouldn’t sell books otherwise.”

About the Author:
I live in Seattle, in my favorite neighborhood, Queen Anne, with my husband and twin seven year old daughters.

After more than a decade of running the corporate rat race, I left Microsoft and finally found time to pursue my dream of doing something truly inspiring.   I wrote Nerd Girl.  I’m a voracious reader and thought it would be a fun adventure to merge my unique history and knowledge of Microsoft with a heartfelt love story.

Apart from reading, writing, and spending time with my family, I enjoy strong coffee, weekend getaways in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, running, Husky football, and cooking gourmet meals.

Authors that inspire me:
My favorite authors are Emily Giffin, Tracy Garvis Graves, and Diana Gabaldon.

Emily Giffin wrote Something Borrowed, Something Blue, Love the One You’re With, and a few notable others.  I love her books because she does such a great job with character development.  Her heroines are usually intelligent and strong career women, but they’re also vulnerable, fun, and very likable.  Each of her books center on a personal moral dilemma that is very relatable.  For example, would you ever cheat with your best friend’s fiancé and under what circumstances would that actually be ok?  Or what would you do when you’ve found the love of your life, but then that “one” that got away comes back?  I love that Ms. Giffin can develop her characters well enough that as the reader, you can actually relate and understand the heroine’s choices.  When I started writing Nerd Girl, I knew that was the level of character development I wanted with Julia and Ryan.

I love Tracy Garvis Graves writing because her books have such “real” characters.  I love how she can just take every day regular people and turn it into a really great story through their experiences.   I especially loved her book, Covet, and considered it one of my top ten reads of 2013.  I think the reason that Covet resonated so well with me is because it was a story rooted in reality.  Claire, the heroine, could easily have been me or any of one of my friends.  The story was very organic and relatable.   I’ve noticed a trend in contemporary romance novels, where the characters are completely off the top — billionaires, rock stars, and alpha males.  Each would literally carry a woman over his shoulder before seducing her.  Don’t get me wrong because I love these off the top characters and stories too.  However, I also appreciate a story that feels so real and genuine and where the hero is just a “nice guy”.  Remember him?  Many readers have told me that Nerd Girl felt very real – everything from the characters, to the dialogue, to the situations experienced in the book.  That is the best compliment ever.

Lastly Diana Gabaldon is just an amazing story teller.  She is the queen of the historical fiction romance genre.  The Outlander series has such rich characters.  Jamie is my dream man.  He is an old fashioned gentleman, courageous and strong, beautiful and sensitive, intelligent, respectful and dominating all in one.  The actress playing her in the upcoming Starz series described Claire as a “bad ass” and I couldn’t agree more.  Claire is smarty, witty, feisty, classically beautiful and wild, strong and brave.  When I read Diana Gabaldon’s stories, I’m completely transported into another world and relish ever delicious word.




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