OL Ramos – Author Spotlight + Cover Reveal

Author:  OL Ramos
Paranormal Romance
The Keeper Series

Book # 1

The Keeper Awakening (always FREE !)

Book # 2

The Keeper: Revenge

Book # 3

The Keeper: Rebirth

Also available at Smashwords and Google Plus.  Coming soon for Nook Users !!



Book Blurb for The Keeper: Rebirth

When Klein divided the supernatural community and threw the gauntlet down, Liz and crew warned everyone. They watched and did their best to protect the world. No one could have counted on the sadistic vampire’s plan, and no one could be ready for it.

Now, the world is drowning in the vile Hela poison. Supers are panicking in the streets, old forgotten legends have reemerged expecting the end of the world, and the long dreaded end might be upon all of us.

Liz is finally together with the tortured Vincent, and they’re genuinely happy. But the two may never know true bliss. The great lie, the world behind the veil, might be revealed.

If that happens, not even Michael, nature’s favorite werewolf, may be able to restore the balance.

But there is something else that is emerging from the mask of mystery. Two ancient enemy forces are about to fight a war; their battleground?

Earth itself.


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OL Ramos – Paranormal Romance Author


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  1. O.L. Ramos · · Reply

    Thanks a lot! Great to be on here!

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