The Descent – Review

the descent coverMay contain minor spoilers.

Let me collect myself for a minute before pouring my heart and soul here.

It’s finally over! The Taker Trilogy! Seriously one of the best series I’ve ever read! EVER! And it’s not even Romance!… No that’s a lie, it is sort of, technically romance but romance isn’t the entire genre if you know what I mean! There’s a GREAT STORY here and an even GREATER LOVE between Adair and Lanny, and I’m SO FREAKING SAD to see that it’s over!!! But it was worth it, because their journey through these last books has been amazing!

In the final book of The Taker series, Lanore and Adair go where no living person dares to go – the Underworld. Having recurring dreams of Jonathan being tortured in the afterlife, Lanore has no one else to turn to, to ask for help, save the one person who’s changed her life forever. Tracking down Adair to his island home she begs his help in assisting her by sending her down into the underworld. Wary of this decision Adair takes precautions before he sends the woman he’s in love with to the one place he won’t go. There Lanny meets with her past, old friends, her family, and a revelation that will change both her life and Adair’s life forever.

But seriously, where did Luke go!? What the hell happened!? Here we are, starting The Taker and I thought Luke was going to be the main character and it was going to be awesome….NO! none of that for us NORMAL PEOPLE I was so sad to find out what happened to him (which I won’t say what) but I was just….so emotionally depressed. I just feel so BAD and so EMPTY because of what happens to Luke. I mean, why do we get the short end of the stick…we don’t get the great love….we just can’t compete. I want to tell you so bad what happens but I don’t want to spoil that much. Needless to say, I was a little disappointed at Luke’s role in the entirety of the series, wishing he had more….

But moving on, I’d have to say this book felt a little more fluffy to me. A bit more fluffy than usual. The first book was FANTASTIC the second book was GREAT the third book unfortunately didn’t end up living up to my RIDICULOUSLY HIGH expectations. Well what can I say, that’s what happens when you start off amazingly strong, it becomes harder and harder to top yourself.

Author Alma Katsu

Author Alma Katsu

I felt Adair had less and less purpose in this book other than to be a caretaker for a while, and half of the villain in the book seemed to be there for a little bit of fluff. Well he needed something to do right? Aside from that the book didn’t really pick up until MUCH LATER almost the last fifth of the book. Sure there was Lanny’s story and the wonderful Adair flashbacks – god I love those so much, but I guess I expected so much more….HYPE than what I got at the end.

Seriously though. Just when you think you have this book figured out, you just get SUCKED PUNCHED right in the face, because I sure as all hell DID NOT SEE the ending coming. Maybe I’m blind or something, or Alma Katsu is just THAT AMAZING, which she is by the way, but she single-handedly, knocked me out of my body, and almost made me have a public book spasm. I can’t even tell you how OUT OF NO WHERE the end was! I was literally going, “what….What?…..What?!….WHAT!?!??!” the entire last…I don’t know fifty-sixty something pages.

All good things must come to an end; I just wish this trilogy didn’t! I need to know more! I need to see and experience more of Lanny and Adair’s story! Alma PLEASE DON’T STOP WRITING! I need your literary genius to continue to grace my shelves and mind! You truly have a wonderful talent! Know that I will miss….Lanny and Adair just SO MUCH!!!! And will be placing Adair in akii’s coveted “Book Boyfriend” list. He truly deserves it!

5/5 Hearts of Love


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