The Taker – Review

the takerIn preparation for the series’ final installment The Descent I decided to re-read the entire series! or rather, re-read book one and read book two for the first time. I read book one last year I think or two summers ago, I can’t remember and had never picked up book two. I tried to pick it up a little while ago but within the first few pages I had no idea what was going on, who the characters were and was struggling to remember the story. Take this as a NOTE – READ THIS SERIES IN ONE GO. You’ll be happier you did, trust me! And let me just say this is by far ONE OF THE MOST MAGICAL series I’ve ever read. You know, aside from Harry Potter and the All Souls Trilogy.

During a midnight shift at the hospital where Dr. Luke Findley works, the last thing he expects to turn up in his small town ER is a young woman being brought in to be questioned for murder. What he doesn’t know that this  meeting with Lanore McIlvrae will change his life in ways he can’t imagine. After examining her body to be without wounds, she explains and show him the impossible – that she cannot be wounded or killed. Intrigued and drawn to her, Luke decides to help her escape, and in return she tells him her story. A story that has spanned centuries and is filled with love, betrayal, and alchemy.

I find myself running out of good things to say about books that I love or HIGHLY RECOMMEND. There just aren’t enough good things to say. And before you judge that I give a lot of books 5-6 Hearts – NO. I just don’t read bad books or the books I choose to read aren’t that bad. I have read books that I think, “I have no idea what’s going on…” or “Wow…that was just…not good”. The Taker Series is part of those books that I recommend when someone asks me What books do you recommend? It’s just THAT good!

What really got me into this book and this series was the way the story was told. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever read before and probably one of the most creative ways of story-telling I’ve come to read.

First we have the present day story, where Luke meets Lanore. The second part is the past; her past, and how she came to be who she is and what she is. This part of the story is told from a FIRST PERSON perspective instead of third, in a memoir like way. And the third part is the story of Adair once again told in THIRD just like the present day. It’s an interesting weave between the POV’s and I think creates DEPTH to the characters and their stories in a way I’ve never read before.
Author Alma Katsu

Author Alma Katsu

The words and language use is beyond beautiful. Everything flows so well you tend to get lost in it. I often found myself falling asleep, NOT because I was bored, but because of the eloquence of the language was so soothing it acted like a lullaby or a soft song. It was as if I could hear the person or Lanore reading to me.
The family was given over to seeking and experiencing pleasure, it was as simple as that. Everything about my surroundings was the antithesis of how I was raised and eventually their lack of industry would disgust me, but at first I was seduced by the luxuries I’d had no idea existed. St. Andrew had been a town of homespun linen clothing and raw pine furniture. Now I lived surrounded by finery, each new temptation better than the last. I ate food and drink I had never known existed, wore dresses and gowns made from exotic European fabrics by a professional tailor. I learned to dance and play cards, was given novels to read that would expose me to even more worlds.

I find Lanore’s relationship with the men in her life very interesting. Here’s a girl, with the capacity to love with all her heart, and here are men, who for different reasons, yearn for her love and company. Luke, Jonathan, and Adair all want something different from her, a different form of love that she’s not sure she can give. What I RESPECT and ADMIRE about her is her ability to love unconditionally. However, it is that same ability that often leads her to make poor choices in life…
He shook his head and backed away a step. “I make sure that the people I bring to Adair’s attention are deserving in their way. And they in to him of their own free will. What’s more, I would never give him someone I claimed to love. Never.”

I standby what I said. The Taker is one of the most magical books I’ve read, and probably one of the few that have moved me as much as it did. This book is one of my most HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED even though it is Historical Fiction with a hint of the Supernatural. I promise you won’t be able to stop turning the page when you pick it up! Hopefully The Reckoning and The Descent are just as good reads! Cross your fingers for me!

6/5 Hearts of Love

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