Origin – Review

origin coverWARNING: May contain MINOR spoilers.

I sort of hate myself for doing the one thing I said I would ALMOST never do. Read a series before it’s over.

I started reading the Lux series a while ago and honestly I don’t know what compelled me to read it at the time. I think maybe I thought it was over already? Man was I wrong! Picking up Origin I have NO IDEA what the heck is going on… Oh well, this book was still SUPER MAJORLY FANTASTIC OMG! It’s everything I wanted it to be after I finished reading Opal and SO MUCH MORE!

After Katy is captured by the DOD she’s transported to a facility that wants to study her, test her, and possibly experiment with her. Daemon is beside himself, not knowing what to do without her, being locked away so he doesn’t do anything foolish. But foolish happens to be Daemon’s middle name. He’ll do anything and everything to save Katy. Even if it means burning the world to save her. With the help of some old allies, and new ones, Daemon finds Katy and they are reunited. Now that they are together, they have to figure out a way out and how to get far away without the DOD chasing them.

Origin literally picks up right after Opal. There is no friendly walk-through, reminder of what happened in the last book to refresh your memory. If you, like me, picked up Origin months after reading Opal you may be a little bit lost. There were a lot of characters thrown at me, all at once and it was a bit difficult to keep up while trying to remember what the heck is going on in the story at the present time. It took me almost 70 pages to remember what even happened in Opal and how that story affected this one.

My advice: READ THE ENTIRE SERIES IN ONE GO. Don’t wait in between books or you may forget what’s happening.

The story was truly captivating and I loved Daemon’s POV. I don’t know what it is about male POV that’s just…so…sexy. A point I touched upon in another one of my reviews was that book boyfriends aren’t afraid TO FEEL things. They are DESPERATE to be with their loved ones, no matter what it takes. Daemon is not afraid to admit how much he loves Katy, and he isn’t afraid to show it either. He’ll do anything to protect her and that I think is something that women and young girls want… that’s why we read!

“There’s eighty-six thousand, four hundred seconds in a day, right? There’re one thousand, four hundred, and forty minutes in a day.”
Her brow knitted. “Okay. I’ll take your word for it.”
“I’m right.” I tapped my finger against my head. “A lot of useless knowledge up here. Anyway, are you following me? There’re one hundred and sixty-eight hours in a week. Around eighty-seven hundred and then some hours in a year, and you know what?”
She smiled. “What?”
“I want to spend every second, every minute, every hour with you.” Part of me couldn’t believe something that cheesy had come out of my mouth, but it was also beautifully true. “I want a year’s worth of seconds and seconds minutes with you. I want a decade’s worth of hours, so many that I can’t add them up.”


Author Jennifer L Armentrout

I swear there needs to be a school, where boys are sent from a young age to be taught to be like fictional boys. That is the dream…

Aside from the main cast, I have to say I really like Luc. I mean I liked him before but he was KINDA CREEPY. I mean he’s still creepy but he’s cute, he’s funny… HE’S SOMEONE I WOULD LOVE TO PUNCH ALL THE TIME just for being a smartass, but he always makes me smile. (I mean Daemon’s a smartass too but he’s sexy, and I wouldn’t want to punch sexy *wink*) There’s one thing though, something that’s bothering me about Luc. I don’t know what it is but he rubs me the wrong way. I swear if he ends up being SUPER EVIL GENIUS EVIl I’m going to be really upset.

“Guys.” Luc sighed, sliding off the bar. “Seriously? Can’t you two bromance it out?”

“And what’s your plan? How are you going to get her out?” he asked, curious.
Good question. “I haven’t gotten that far yet.”
Luc watched me a moment, then busted into laughter. “Good plan. I like it. Only a few things could go wrong with that.”

You know, for the longest time I don’t think I liked Daemon very much. At least in the beginning… But he improved over time and I got to love his personality, his quirkiness, his humour and his desire to be with Katy no matter how bad the situation. I really admire/love him for that. Plus, he’s sexy as hell and has a smart mouth that makes you want to smile anytime he says pretty much ANYTHING. He’s also not afraid to be straight-up with people, and has no problem with authority figures.

“Say it,” I whispered.
His hand slid up my spine, leaving a wake of shivers. “Say what, Kitten?”
“You know.”
He rubbed his chin in my hair. “I love…my car, Dolly.”
My lips cracked into a tiny grimace. “That’s not it.”
“Oh.” His voice dripped innocence. “I know. I love Ghost Investigators.”

There are a lot of new faces as well as old ones and twists and turns that get revealed that WILL FOR SURE shock you and make your eyes pop out of their sockets. Not to mention we get to see more of Katy and Daemon’s relationship as it blossoms and grows stronger and stronger for the other. To love someone so much and to have them love you the same way…I hope they have a HAPPY ENDING! They better!!!

One more book to go!

All I know is Opposition is going to be BIG! And I’m going to miss Katy and Daemon! But if ANYONE dies….I’m going to be MAJORLY pissed!

5/5 Hearts of Love

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  1. Wait, who’s Luc again? I need to get on this!

    1. That nerdy kid who runs that club and works with Arum and Luxen in Opal.
      The really smart hacker~

      1. Oh yeah. That’s who I thought he was but I wasn’t sure.

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