Big Girls Do It Pregnant – Review

Please read the rest of the Big Girls series before you read this review.

Give me a minute to compose myself before I write this review. WOW That was some crazy-fast-paced-roller coaster-of intense emotion going on there. I don’t ever think I’ve read a book so fast! Honestly, I couldn’t put it down! I just wanted to get to the end and see where this was all going. Maybe because I want kids one day, maybe I’m biased, who knows!? Honestly, I just LOVED this book. It made me all squishy and warm inside.

Anna met Jeff and they were friends. Then Anna met Chase and they were lovers for a while. Anna married Jeff and broke Chase’s heart. Now Chase is married to her best friend Jaime, who would of thought? As if their lives couldn’t get any better both Anna and Jaime are pregnant! They’re about to be mommies, but the journey isn’t over yet. First, they have to get through their pregnancy, labour and delivery.

First off, I was a bit surprised at having been literally THROWN into the book. I was actually kind of lost when I started. Anna and Jaime were already pregnant and I was like “wahhhhh?” When did that happen? And Jaime got married? To who? I read this book directly after Big Girls Do It Married and Big Girls Do It On Christmas so I was completely lost when I started. Clearly I didn’t get the memo that said I had to read the Rockstars Do It series before this one…oops. That kind of sucks… I would have really liked to have read the ENTIRE series before reading the end. So my advice is…DON’T READ THIS UNTIL YOU’VE FINISHED BIG GIRLS AND ROCK STARS DO IT! You may end up being a little lost as I was.

Other than just being thrown into the book and having to catch up to what was happening right away I loved it! It was so cute, so down to earth, and full of emotional ups and downs! GOD! I was just so happy for Anna and Jaime! I hope in the future I’ll still be friends with my best friend and we’ll have kids around the same time…sigh. (I would like not to be single first though thanks haha).

Anna struggles with her low sex drive, then wonders if she’ll be a good mother, and finally worries about having her babies be preemies. Jaime has similar worries, but on top of that she worries about Chase. It’s hard having a rock star for a husband, especially one who’s popular and on tour. She worries he’s not going to be around and even though she’d never let him give up his dream she does secretly wish he could be there. She’s definitely a strong one. I don’t know if I’d be able to go through that… Not being able to see your husband every day, worrying that he’s going to miss out on your child’s life. It’s hard…

In the end, both families get their well-deserved HAPPILY EVER AFTER. Only making me wish my own would come sooner. This series was an absolute JOY to read and I loved every second of it.

I would insert my favourite quote but it’s the best part of the book… Just promise me you’ll read it.

4/5 Hearts of Love

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