Big Girls Do It Married – Review

Big Girls Do It Married coverMAY CONTAIN SPOILERS!
Please read the rest of the Big Girls series before you read this review.

At the end of Big Girls Do It On Top  I swear to god I lost it.

It ended on such a cliff-hanger I was practically screaming! (Internally because I was on a train when I finished the book). Thank god I had Big Girls Do it Married at home or I wouldn’t know what to do with myself. I took a break, having other books to read prior, but I’m SO HAPPY to come back to this wonderful little series. It just brings SMILES to your faces and makes you all giddy inside.

Anna’s got a big decision to make. Two amazing men in her life just proposed to her! One was Jeff, her co-worker and long time friend, and the other was Chase, sexy rock star she had an instant connection with. But who does she choose? Who’s right for her? And when she does decide who she’s going to spend her happily ever after with what’s their wedding going to be like?

There were a couple of things I LOVED and DISLIKED a little about this book. Nothing bad I promise! First of all, JEFF x ANNA FOREVER! ❤ I just love them as a couple so much! Even after Chase came in. I mean I loved Chase too, all sexy, with his leather pants and his tattoos, but I don’t know something just didn’t feel right about him… I won’t lie, Chase got a little bit…annoying and a bit whiny in this book, which is COMPLETELY understandable! He loves Anna. Even though he doesn’t know her that well, he loves her and I know he does. But when she chooses Jeff over him he takes it really hard and kind of badly. And I get WHY, I really do, because nothing sucks worse than getting your heartbroken, but it just didn’t fit the Chase Persona I had in mind. I thought he’d storm out and perhaps drink a lot, not…whine and practically beg. But besides all that, Chase is still pretty great. Now I have to read the Rockstar series so I can find out what’s going on in his story!

I cannot and probably will not stop saying it, because its true, I wish I could have a guy love me irrevocably as much as Jeff loves Anna. Their kind of love is just real, hard, love. The things he does for her, the things he says! And it’s not just about gifts or how much sex they have, it’s knowing the person inside and out that matters. After everything that’s happened Jeff trusts her and wants her to be happy. In the end I’m glad she chose him.

“Yeah. He just held me, let me talk, let me cry. When a guy knows whether to just hold you and let you cry or talk to you and try to make it better, you know he really knows your heart.”

Really though, I’m so happy for Anna’s happily ever after! This book was CUTE. Just unbelievably cute! This was the first ever wedding story I’ve read, and unfortunately it has set the bar pretty high for my own wedding expectations. So to my future husband…blame the books haha! I’m not saying a wedding in Vegas! I just mean how he plans it all and treats his wife. But like Anna I don’t expect a big wedding. I like the INTIMACY of small weddings.

But seriously, Jeff and Anna are the cutest! The only thing I’m curious about is what happens to Chase? And what about Jaime’s vow of celibacy?

4/5 Hearts of Love

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  1. Actually in the end, chase and Jaime get married and have a baby the same time Anna has a baby with Jeff so they’re pregnant together!

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