At Any Price – Review

At Any Price CoverReceived from the author in exchange for an honest review.

The first thing that caught my attention was the concept of the story. I love the idea of a young woman SELLING HER VIRGINITY online. While many of you are probably thinking it’s like the Maiko/Geisha tradition it is, in a manner of speaking. Author Aubrey explains the value of a girl’s virginity in the beginning based on different cultures and traditional practices. Her explanation is very thorough and VERY well thought out. Yes, this book is about a girl auctioning her virginity on the internet for money. But not just any girl…a GAMER GIRL. I was just absolutely mind-blown by the idea and possibly a little biased because it hits so close to home. If you’re female, a gamer, and possibly a virgin, or even not a virgin I suggest you give this book a read. It’s definitely something.

Mia Strong is a strong, proud, independent geek-girl working her way to get into Med school. But with astronomically high tuition costs and financial problems to deal with she comes up with a way to make a lot of cash in one night. Selling her virginity on the internet. She’s got it all planned out, the lawyers, the paperwork, even the off-shore bank accounts to handle the transaction. But what she didn’t plan for meeting infamous millionaire CEO, Adam Drake, head of his own gaming company, who ends up throwing all her plans down the toilet.

If you have any pre-conceived notions about the novel or the story, don’t. Mia is not some flakey gamer girl who is all like OMG FOREVERALONE NO ONE WANTS TO HAVE SEX WITH ME – boo freaking hoo cry me a river, we’ve all been there. Or are still there. I’m sure a lot of gamer girls or nerdy girls have the same worries as she does. However, Mia is selling her virginity online with PURPOSE and REASON. She’s struggling financially and the only way she can think of to make enough money to pay for school and help her mom with bills is to sell the one thing she has of value. Funny how women, culture, and society puts such important on a piece of skin. She approaches the situation very rationally and has put a lot of thought into the plan. This isn’t just something she made up on the spot or decided one day. This is months of CAREFULLY EXECUTED PLANNING. If anything I can’t help but admire her tenacity towards the situation.

“I already told you I’d rather not know him. I just want to get it over with as quickly as possible. It’s not a romantic act for me – just a bit of skin. I have no emotional attachment to it. It’s high time I lost it. This way, I can move on with my life with a nice fat bank account.”

At first I wasn’t too impressed with Adam Drake as I liked to be. He seemed to stiff and really alpha-male. Have you notice Alpha-males only tend to exist in books. That’s just not fair. Upon later acquaintance though I found him rather pleasant and more than I expected. Perhaps I’m a little biased because I’m IN LOVE with GEEK CULTURE. Still, if I could have a man of my own I’d like him to be like Adam. Interesting with stories to tell, well-rounded, fit would be nice although not entirely necessary (he at least has to like running or swimming with me). Someone I could listen to for hours recollecting his adventures without sounding cocky about it. Women do enough talking; let the men do it for a change. We like to listen too.

“Oh c’mon. Three words: better special effects.”
His expression grew dead serious. “Three words: Greedo shoots first.”
I grimaced, “Okay, you have a point there, but I’m not going to change my mind just because of that one little thing-”
“One little thing!?” His mouth dropped. “That one moment changed the entire characterization of Han Solo.”

I have to respect Mia’s carefulness around Adam. He’s like a prince – too good to be true, man on a white horse, god bearing gifts kind of man. People like that just don’t pop up out of the blue and happen! It’s just not said! She’s right to be cautious around him and whatever arrangement they have together, because he CLEARLY has ulterior motives that he’s not sharing. It’s all apart of the MYSTERY that makes up Adam Drake.

“I’m not a call girl. I’m not your mistress. So stop trying to treat me like one.”
“See, you’re doing it again. You’re twisting it into something it isn’t.”
I clenched my teeth. “I’m not moving into your fucking apartment.”
His expression did not change and he didn’t even move. “Tell me why not.”
“I don’t have to share my reasons with you,” I mimicked his words back to him.

At first I found the story somewhat predictable but VERY ENJOYABLE. I really thought this was going to be A LOT SIMPLER than it actually turned out to be and I’m happy being pleasantly surprised! I LOVE the GEEK REFERENCES Aubrey throws in to make her book really about geek culture. It’s not just that Mia is a gamer and blogs about video games, but all the references too. It’s nice to see the geek culture being recognized for once! Some references include my all time favourite, Doctor Who, Firefly, DnD and even Star Wars. Koodos for the geeky touch!

At Any Price is every geek girl’s fantasy. Listen up world! GEEK IS IN and every geek girl should read this book! Adam Drake is the new Christian Grey, only for geek girls! I absolutely can’t get enough of him!

5/5 Hearts of Love

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  1. I’m not that big of a geek girl, but I know enough geek references to understand the quote you added in your review..

    Now you’ve made me super excited to read this book and review it too. Sounds really good. I look forward to being pleasantly surprised! ;D

    1. I just got REALLY EXCITED that there was a romance book that referenced Geek Culture!
      The author used MMO terminology and I was like “OMG I KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS!~~~~” #soexcited
      haha, it was a good read c:

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