Big Girls Do It – Review

51AgNK558-L__SL500_Oh MAN! I’ve been so excited to start this series since I first heard the name Jasinda Wilder! And honestly thinking back I can’t even remember where or how I first found her, but I did, and I love her books so much, and I was just SUPER FREAKING EXCITED to start this series. It’s AWESOME it’s SEXY, and definitely a BIG HIT in my books.

Meet Anna. She’s a DJ, a singer, loves food, and despite being a plus size, LOVES the way she looks. Meet Chase. He’s hot. He’s a singer, he wears leather pants a lot, and can probably make any girl drop her panties with a single look. Somehow, in a crowded bar they meet each other one night while Anna is DJing, and she’s swept off her feet when he goes to talk to her. But how can someone like him like someone as big as her?

Now meet Jeff. Anna’s co-worker and business partner. He’s up on the scale in terms of looks and is one of Anna’s long-time friends. She’s comfortable with him, and all this time he’s had feelings for her. When she finds out how both men feel about her how can she pick just one?

Most books build overtime, they give you time to get to know the characters, give you background story and get an idea of the plot. Nice, slow and easy. THIS BOOK IS EVERYTHING BUT NICE, SLOW, AND EASY. The moment you open Big Girls Do It (which includes Big Girls Do It Better, Wetter, Wilder & On Top), you’re immediately picked up, and thrown into a story that’s HOT and HEAVY in every sense of the word. THIS BOOK GIVES YOU NO WARNINGS! That’s why I am. Let me say this book is not for the faint hearted.

“Stop looking at me like that,” I said.
“Like what?” His voice was pitched low so only I could hear, even though with the fill music pounding from the speakers he could have spoken in a yell and no one would have heard. He spoke low on purpose, so I’d have to get closer to him. It worked, and I wasn’t protesting.
“Like you want me.”

Literally…literally….LIKE LITERALLY I’m one chapter in, ONE CHAPTER and I’m SCREAMINGGGG!!!!! like crazy fangirl screaming like OMGGGGGGGGGGGGG EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s just that good. This book has my eyes peeled open, grinning stupidly, wondering if the person sitting beside me on the train is reading what I’m reading and shaking their head disapprovingly. This book is some SERIOUS HOT STUFF. How bad I wish I could be Anna right now and have some sexy rock star fall for me! but I know that’s never going to happen in real life, that’s why there are stories and fantasies.

As much as I’m loving this story and the characters I wish it was just a TEENY bit more realistic. I mean how often do super gorgeous hot SINGLE men drop out of the sky? But I guess some stories aren’t meant to be realistic (please no one start hating me because I want my books to be a little believable). I also wish the story was told in a lot more of a fluent manner instead of practically two chapters per section. I get that they were all written in separate pieces which is fine, again it’s just me being nitpicky.

There was a lot of SERIOUS DRAMA that goes down in this book which isn’t really the main point of the story believe it or not. The drama just sort of adds to the story to make it more interesting. In honesty though, I’m just flipping the pages because this book is AMAZEBALLS and the sex and chemistry between our characters is like WOW. One thing that did bother me was that Anna was definitely not as torn up as I thought she’d be, or how I assumed a normal person would behave in bad situations. Sure she has her moments at the end deciding between Jeff or Chase, but I wish throughout the entire book she’d feel some sort of…guilt, and not seem to jump from guy to guy whenever it’s convenient.

One thing that just makes me die of laughter is that this book is so sexy….you can pick up the book, turn to any page and almost any line and whatever you read will be or or will lead up to something sexy within the next few lines. I just tried this out and it works MOST times. Unless you just happen to turn to a page with a lot of talking then that’s unfortunate. The last little bit of the book has a lot of talking, a lot that we finally discovering about some of the characters which makes up for the lack of talking in the majority of the book.

Overall, I loved the book/series. I just wish it was drawn out, a bit longer, but I still love it! Now I know what all the fuss is about! I can’t wait to read the full-length novels Big Girls Do It Married and Big Girls Do It Pregnant, but sadly it’ll have to wait as I have other book commitments for the next little while. MUST READ FASTER!!!

I did love him. I couldn’t imagine ever leaving him, ever being without him. I felt like I’d spent all my life waiting for him, and just never knew it, couldn’t see it, or understand that he was what I needed. He’d been there, too close to see.

4/5 Hearts of Love

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