Falling Into Us – Review

Falling Into Us CoverI don’t know if this is the right phrase to use in a situation like this but, MAN that was SOME SERIOUS LOVE STORY. I haven’t read any of Nickolas Spark’s white-people-almost-kissing books, but I have seen the movies and those are pretty serious. I think if Falling Into Us was made into a movie it might just TOP his. It’s the kind of love story you want, the loyalty, the trust, and the happily ever after with the person who completes you.

After Jason Dorsey asks Nell out on a date and is ‘accidentally’ stood up, she suggests he ask her best friend Becca de Rosa out instead. Reluctant at first, Becca agrees, and one date turns into the beginning of a long, warm, heartfelt relationship that soon spirals into true love. But with all the good, the warmth and the love in their lives there will be challenges to face that the couple has to overcome together if they want to spend forever with each other.

Jason Dorsey isn’t what I pictured him to be when I read Falling Into You. For some reason I pictured him to be a sort of jerky guy, even though all the signs pointed to him being really nice. I’m really HAPPY to be proven wrong in Falling Into Us, seeing that Jason is an all-around great guy, smart, athletic, ambitious, sweet and thoughtful when he can be. It’s just to bad his dad pushes him too hard. I mean it’s good that his dad pushes him to be his best, but I wish it was in a more POSITIVE manner rather than resorting to belittling and violence… If you catch my drift.

Becca de Rose is…a difficult girl. And I mean that in the nicest way possible. Her life revolves around school and the bs rules her father has for her. Overprotective and controlling much? Her older brother Benjamin tells her she’s missing out on her childhood, on life and one day look back and regret her decisions. But she’s conservative and determined for a good reason. She KNOWS what she wants to do with her life isn’t cheap and by being a good/perfect daughter, she knows her father will help to support her. Essentially it’s a means to an end. But aside from all that, Becca is a sweet girl, who isn’t afraid to say what’s on her mind (except to her father), sort of secretive, and has a wonderfully big heart.

What I get from Falling Into Us is a beautiful and THOROUGH, well thought out love story. Its slow paced, and I mean EXTREMELY, but there’s so much detail. So much background story in comparison to Falling Into You where it was all about the healing and the forgiveness. Throughout most of the book I was just sitting there waiting for something really bad to happen. The anticipation basically kills you, making you paranoid as to whether or not something bad is going to happen, and it scared the crap out of me.

One thing I will say about Jasinda Wilder’s books and her writing is that she never fails to deliver HOT AND STEAMY scenes. I felt like the sexy scenes were so much longer than in Falling Into You and just way more in depth. Or that could just be me. Reading the scenes I wish I could have a piece of that….sexy…naughty…hot…romantic action…sigh.

Yeah my baby was a screamer. I loved it. It was so unlike her, unlike the way she was all the rest of the time. She was normally demure and quiet and withdrawn, but once I got her clothes off and her juices flowing, she lost all her inhibitions.

Falling Into Us goes past where Falling Into You ended. Everyone gets their happy ending with some surprises…
I would tell you but spoilers haha. This book was just undeniable cute, sweet, and powerful. Demonstrating what real and true love is actually like. I would highly, highly, recommend this book, and let Jason and Becca show how their love and devotion for each can, and will conquer anything.

4/5 Hearts of Love

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