Reckless – Review

reckless-coverIt’s done. It’s happened. It’s over.

I think this is my actual first book hangover or the first time I’ve been hung up on a book boyfriend. I mean I actually feel physically ill starting another book because I know it’s not going to compare to the infamous Kellan Kyle. Seriously. What do I do?

Reckless is the final book in the Thoughtless series. The long-awaited and anticipated conclusion of Kiera and Kellan’s story which leads to their happily ever after. But how do they get there?

We start off with The D-Bags finally making it big and signing onto a major label. Now that Kiera is finished school and married to Kellan (not legally but spiritually), she decides to go with him and the band to LA to watch them go after their dream. Along the way they are met with some complications. Most to do with the label and another major Superstar. How are Kiera and Kellan supposed to deal? Can their love withstand these final challenges before they walk down the aisle and say their I Do’s to each other.

I honest to god think this is going to be the shortest review I’ll ever write. To date.
I love this book. ❤ ❤ ❤

All it is is just a nice conclusion to the hard journey Kiera and Kellan go through in the previous books; and what a journey it was! I can confidently say that after all that I’m happy for them. After all the struggles, all the UNNECESSARY DRAMA, that they made it. They’re exactly where they wanted to be and it’s the sort of ending we all want for ourselves. Our own happily ever after with the person that completes us. Oh, and I actually didn’t want to punch anyone in the face which was a plus. Except maybe two people but they were sort of unimportant…sort of. Trying not to spoil here.

The Thoughtless series, in my opinion, and from what I’ve just started reading and reviewing, is one of the most well-rounded romances I’ve had the pleasure to read. It really starts from the beginning and takes you all the way to the end. There’s no real big time jumps (other than in the Epilogue but that’s the Epilogue), you really see the characters actually make an effort, and you feel their pain and struggle on their way to really coming together as a couple after so much happened.

I think for the first time ever!~ I’m hung up. I’m going to miss Kellan, a lot, and I wish there was more, so much more. I’m curious as to when I’ll find another fictional boyfriend as sweet, caring, considerate, loving, loyal, even as bad ass as him, but only time will tell.

Thank you S. C. Stephens for a wonderful, wonderful read.

4/5 Hearts of Love

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