Unscrupulous – Review

unscrupulous-avery-asterNOTE: Unscrupulous is #2 in the Manhattanites Series and a pre-quel to the first book Undressed. As per the author’s suggestion I read this book first before the first one.

I had my doubts when I read the summary and character list for this novel. I’d never read a book in which the characters were well-off, and part of the rich and famous. And I mean ALL THE CHARACTERS. I’ll admit it was a bit daunting. I have this notion in my head that the rich and famous live in a different world than we do. I mean they technically do…but they’re still people right? They don’t have the same problems we do because they have money. But, trying to keep an open mind I leapt forward. After all, with a colourful cast of women that remind me of the ladies from Sex and the City I couldn’t say no.

Taddy Brill is one amazing woman. She’s done it all on her own ever since she was emancipated at sixteen. She has her own fortune 500 marketing firm in Manhattan, and the best group of friends anyone could ask for. The one thing she doesn’t have is a man in her life. Taddy is all about SEX, being careful to never get into a relationship with anyone. But just before the New Year rolls in while she and her friends are on vacation she meets a stunning man who may possibly change her world – Big Daddy, Warner Truman.

After suffering the loss of his wife and being deceived by his ex Rielle, Warner Truman has had enough. If he’s going to date a woman she needs to be able to stand on her own two feet and make her own money. Not cling to him and his fortune. He’s the third richest man in America and owns many successful resorts and spas all over the world. While spending New Year’s Eve at one of his resorts he meets the mysterious Red, and is completely overtaken by her. Warner decides after that chance meeting that he’ll do whatever it takes to keep her at his side.

I have to say I LOVE THIS CAST. They’re funny, outgoing, honest, crude, and will say whatever the heck they please. It’s actually so freaking refreshing! Page one and I’m already in love with Warner. I love how he’s been able to admit something I wish all men would admit out loud.

“Warner rolled over, burying his not-ye-awake face into the nape of an unfamiliar bleach-blonde. Her processed hair crunched harshly against his skin. He cupped her lackluster breasts with his hands and pulled her close. I love tits.”

If there’s one thing I noticed about Aster’s writing that stood out to me, something that I immediately enjoyed, it was her ability to be so crass so early in the story. This being my first Avery Aster book to read I came in with zero expectation or preconceived notion about what the book was about. With the way she writes there’s no room for flowery language. She tells it how it is, how crude and crass people today really are and I just find it absoFREAKINGlutely REFRESHING! I also loved the openness of the friendship between Taddy and her friends. The ability to say whatever crude or crass thing they wanted to and not be judged for it. That’s the sort of friendship everyone should have either with one person or a group of people.

“Sweet Jesus balls of justice. Look at those nuts. Dang!”
Taddy Brill sat in her Herman Miller chair with Viveca Farnworth to her right and Blake Morgan III to her left. Careful not to smudge her eye makeup, she gripped the binoculars. Squinting out Brill, Inc’s forth-four-floor windows across the street at the new high-rise, Taddy saw into someone’s hotel room window. A man in full view was shaving his balls. One leg up on the sink, spread out, and from what she could tell, the dude concentrated on his pecker. “Why isn’t he shaving his body in the shower like everyone else?”
“Ingrown hairs perhaps,” her executive vice president, Blake, replied.

I think I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again. I LOVE when a men put in effort to make the girl feel loved, or in Warner’s case, find the girl that makes him happy. The rich and famous can afford to do whatever they please, even abuse their status and use their money to get whatever they want in life. How often do you hear of a celebrity go through so many lengths to find his perfect person or to find their soul mate. Well Warner Truman does put in that effort and goes through many lengths to find his Red lady and I find that either rich or poor, a man needs to put in EFFORT or the girl is going to feel unwanted.

One thing I haven’t talked about yet is the CHEMISTRY between Taddy and Warner. When they’re together things get pretty hot and heavy. It’s  SEXY, it’s RAW, and it’s PASSIONATE. These two don’t hold anything back when they’re in the bedroom, or rather any private place they can have wild, dirty, and rough sex.

“His masculine energy intoxicated her. He fisted her hair into a ponytail and instructed. “Open, Red. I want the tip of your tongue to touch my balls when you go down on me.”
She nodded.
“Now look up at me while you suck.”
Her head shook as if getting ready to sing at the Metropolitan Opera. She relaxed her mouth.
“That’s it. There you go, baby girl.” Warner rapidly slid about halfway. He pumped back and forth.
Grabbing onto his sac, she tugged down. She owned it. Building rhythm, neck jerking back and forth, she went for it, taking as much of him as she could.”

What I get from reading Avery Aster’s Unscrupulous are these words. FUN. FRESH. FUNKY.

Aster as created a cast of colourful characters with equally colourful personalities that are sure to make any reader laugh and say ‘Did she really just say that?!’.

5/5 Hearts of Love

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