Thoughtless – Review


This book was something….something else. Oh man.
I don’t know if I wanted to praise it, burn it, stop reading it, or speed right through it.
I couldn’t even count the different emotions I felt reading this, even though the most prominent one was the desire to slap or punch both the main characters across the face. Regardless, this book was still FANTASTIC, just a roller-coaster of emotions that just knocks you right off your feet. If I was to associate one word with this book it would be PASSION.

Let me start off by warning you that this story is a LOVE TRIANGLE. The first I’ve ever read. I actually hated it as much as I thought I would. The idea of a love triangle I mean. Kiera and Denny are the perfect couple, they’ve gone through it all, and now they’re moving to Seattle to start another chapter in their lives together. Kiera moving to a new school, and Denny starting a new job. In Seattle they meet their new roommate, one of Denny’s old friend’s, and local rock star Kellan Kyle. He and Kiera have this instant attraction that neither of them can understand. Not too long after settling in Denny has to go away to chase a job opportunity, which leaves plenty of room for the relationship between Kiera and Kellan to bloom.

Now it was obvious Kiera and Denny weren’t going to be together, otherwise there would be no book right? But I still really felt bad for Denny, he didn’t deserve being cheated on. He is a GENUINELY GOOD GUY. And no I don’t think it’s true that good guys finish last, even though yes I find Kellan EXTREMELY ATTRACTIVE and SEXY.

Author S. C. Stephens
Author S. C. Stephens

He has his own place. He’s in a band. He sings.
Perfect hair. Perfect eyes. Perfect smile. Perfect body.
It’s no wonder he’s the most popular piece of MAN CANDY in all of Seattle.

And no he’s not a bad guy for choosing to be with his friend’s girl. He has respect for himself and for their relationship too! know you can’t help who you like.

The emotions I felt in this book were just way too intense and real. I DID NOT approve of the decisions Kiera and Kellan made, pretty much throughout the entire story. In my mind I was screaming “WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT!?” To me there is just so much wrong with cheating on your boyfriend/girlfriend. I am 100% AGAINST CHEATING. I get that Kiera’s heart was in the right place, not wanting to hurt Denny and all, but she seemed a bit selfish….okay maybe extremely selfish.

But at the same time I have to admit the passion, the heat, the fire, between Kiera and Kellan is like…FOR REALZ haha. You know those two are meant to be. The constant struggle between the two, the strain on their relationship. I swear Kellan is bipolar cause the way he treats Kiera is just insane! MAKE UP YOUR MIND. I guess it’s scary to think that someone who sleeps around a lot could have morals, or could love someone with such audacity. Which makes me wonder why it’s a series…. I would have been perfectly content with this being a one-shot. I think it would have been better, but the fans wanted more Kiera and Kellan. So why not give it to them.The story is phenomenal, the writing is just excellent! Other than the fact I really did want to just slap Kiera and Kellan 99% of the time, I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT. I can’t even understand what Effortless and Reckless are about but I hope it’s not going to make me want to slap some people…

4/5 Hearts of Love

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