Flat-Out Love – Review

Flat-Out Love

So I made the stupid mistake of taking this book to work and not bringing the sequel Flat-Out Matt with me. I didn’t know I’d finish it on the train ride in. So I was without reading material for the whole day which was majorly depressing.

There’s been a lot of hype floating around about how AMAZING this book is. I go by recommendation only so when one of my friends, Britt, told me to read this book I said, “Sure. Why not.” after all we have similar tastes.

I CANNOT believe how much I love this book. Like I do, I love it, TO PIECES. The writing is so simple and easy to follow, the story is beautiful if not a bit strange – haha, and all the characters stand out immensely and are just so fun to read about you can’t help but just WHIZZ right through this book.

New college freshmen Julie Seagle gets stranded on her first day in Boston after getting ripped off of an apartment listing off Craigslist. Fortune smiles on her as she is saved by her mother’s old college friend Erin and her son Matt who come to the rescue by picking her up and offering her a place to stay. The Watkinses’ aren’t your typical family. The lawyer Erin, the researcher Roger, who are both workaholics, the excentric teenage daughter Celeste, nerdy over-achieving son Matt, and Flat-Finn, a life-sized cardboard cut out their older brother (and possibly normal Finn if you count the fact he’s been traveling all around the world).

Julie ends up staying with the Watkins; living with them instead of finding her own apartment and ends up becoming a very important member of their family. She plays a major part in being a role-model to Celeste, and ends up falling for the far away brother Finn, a person she’s never met and only talks to through facebook. She doesn’t care that she’s never met the guy and practically stalked his facebook, they have a connection, they get each other, and that’s not something you want to take for granted. The closer she becomes to the Watkinses the more complicated her life becomes, and the thing about getting attached to people and falling in love is its innevitable people will get hurt. It’s how you deal with the hurt that makes you a better person.I think I’ve got a little bit of a bias to loving this book because I find it’s just EXTREMELY NERDY/GEEKY and just downright ADORABLE. I’ve never connected with a book on such a level; and this coming from the girl who’ll squeal at any Doctor Who or Star Wars reference in any form of media. I guess it’s my inner nerd…geeking out at all the scientific references and how intelligent Matt and Julie are. I’m nowhere near as smart as them but at least I understood what they were talking about.

“I’m sure Literature 101 can’t compete with what? Adoration of Differential Equations?” Matt laughed. “Close. That was last year. This year it’s Obsessive Devotion to Fourier Analysis Theory and Applications. And my personal favorite, Quantum Physics II:  Romantic Entanglements of Energy and Matter.”
Julie turned her head to Matt. “You’re a double major Physics and math Jesus…”
“I know. Nerdy.” He shrugged.

Seriously, total nerdgasm right there…

Author Jessica Park

Author Jessica Park

Everyone in the Watkins family is just so EXCEPTIONALLY INTELLIGENT it almost scares me. Even the thirteen year old daughter is exceptionally smart too. Even if she does speak a little odd. Matt has his geeky shirts which I ADORE!~ Celeste has Flat-Finn and her regressive tendencies, and the parents Erin and Roger are never home. A dysfunctional family if I ever saw one, though you wouldn’t have known it at first glance.

One thing I envy about Jessica and about a lot of authors is their ability to banter. I don’t think I’ve met any one person in real life or online who’s been smooth when they banter, or as I like to call it, ‘unconsciously flirting’. I feel like banter is just another way to say unconsciously flirting because that’s really what they’re doing and I think it’s adorable.

Finn Is God
What are you wearing?

Oh. My. God. This had now gone beyond colossal mistake to violently alarming. What the hell was she supposed to do now?

Finn Is God
Julie? Relax. I’m kidding.

Julie laughed. Not only was he funny, but he wrote using actual whole words.

Julie Seagle
[Delete] [Delete] [Delete] Was just about to give you a full description of enticing bedroom attire.

Finn Is God

Maybe I was a bit blind towards the end, but I TOTALLY didn’t see the major turn-point of the story. Maybe because I was so focused that like Julie I was analyzing too much and didn’t see what was right in front of me.

“But think about this,” he offered, “maybe you’re missing something obvious. Don’t overanalyze what you see. I have a feeling that you’re overthinking things. Give it some time, and the pieces of this puzzle might come together.” He laughed. “Of course, they might not. This may be a family that you never fully understand.”

I loved reading Flat-Out Love and would definitely read it over and over to see if I could catch anything that I might have missed the first time I read it. I look forward to reading and reviewing the sequel Flat-Out Matt which I should be done soon. And remember guys LOVE GEEKS AND NERDS because they will someday rule the world! 😉

5/5 Hearts of Love

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