I’ve got 99 Problems and $$$ is all of it

OMG. I hate money sometimes. I mean I actually hate money. Whoever thought of using coins and paper/plastic (my money is partially made out of plastic) as any form of currency should be SLAPPED.

Being a bookaholic/bibliophile is an expensive hobby. Others may call it a lifestyle choice. Having as many hobbies as I do isn’t cheap and unfortunately I’ve had to give up quite a bit to support my spending needs. Do I regret it? Maybe… I’m not sure yet.

I’ve had to give up going to the film festival this year, I really need to give up going to two of my conventions next year *sigh*. It’s just the little things that really pile up.

There are just so many expenses when it comes to being a bookaholic.

Book Signings
Book Conventions (Tickets, Book Money, Air, Hotel, Food)
Online Signed Copies
Sometimes author swag like T-shirts and mugs

I hate that I had more money back when I was in College than I do now. I really need to learn how to be more of a hermit or something, but if you want to stay current you have to keep in the loop right? *SUPER SIGH*



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