Beautiful Disaster – Review

I know this book has been out fImageor a while and EVERYONE has already written their reviews for it… Well too bad I’m writing my own because I’m going to start writing reviews for books I’m currently reading.

So far, from what I can remember, I haven’t felt such a roller coaster of emotions during and after reading a book, in a long time.

Many of you may agree or disagree, but I’ve never felt so emotionally moved than when I read this book. And I don’t mean OMG IT WAS SO DEEP! I mean “That feels…just…hit right here…in my chest…”

And I wasn’t even this emotionally moved when reading Fifty Shades. I literally SPED-READ this book the first time because I needed to know what happened in the end…and then I went back and read it slowly because I think I missed a lot of detail the first time.

One minute my heart is fluttering because I just really want to see these two together because they’re just so DARN CUTE! The next there’s anger because Travis is an idiot, and rage because Travis is doing it wrong; and hurt, and then sad feelings, and then happy, and then more scared!!!!  IT’S JUST ALL THESE FEELINGS AND I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH THEM!


Author Jamie McGuire

Maybe because I secretly relate or wanted to relate to the female lead (Abby Abernathy) a lot more than other female leads that I’ve read, considering I was in her shoes a few years ago. Tough girl, hard past, going to college and wanting to leave all the bad things behind her and start over (God knows I’ve got a lot of baggage and I just want people to not see any of it when I first meet them). Look my heart is fluttering and I’m getting all emotional just writing this. I can relate…

Then there’s Travis ‘Mad Dog’ Maddox. What about him do you not want? He’s hot. He’s built. He’s good-looking. He’s got tattoos. He can actually take care of himself and doesn’t just talk out of his behind. And he may come off as a player but he’s far, far from it. He secretly cares in his own twisted little way which some might see as a bit…stalkerish, obsessive, and in an overprotective way. At first I thought it was kind of creepy, the way he behaved around Abby, and then it turned out to be really sweet. Travis is FAR FAR FAR from perfect let’s just get that out right now. He makes a lot of mistakes just like any other human being would, and screws up a lot, but he does his best with what he knows and tries to fix his mistakes and become a better person for Abby.

I loved the development between the two characters and how the drama was very close to how drama is in real relationships. You have your honeymoon phase, there’s some overprotective drama, and then there’s the whole ‘I HAVE TOO MUCH PRIDE’ drama, and then realizing you’re just perfect for each other.

Now I’m just sitting here waiting for a Travis of my own to show up. But until then I’m stuck with my many book boyfriends. C:

And yes, of course this story has a happy ending a very….AWWW ending to it.

Keep a look out for the follow up review on Walking Disaster. The story told from Travis’ POV. This is going to be really interesting…

5/5 Hearts of Love!

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